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Wycliffe 101

Updated: May 21, 2019

Our first official training will be in Orlando in June. It's called "Equip" and it will be an orientation to Wycliffe. It is there that we will learn how to develop a team of prayer and financial partners. (We've started our partnership development early!) We will also get to meet other families in the same boat, and our kids will begin meeting friends who are living through the same transitions that they are. We are beyond excited to take our home down there and get this ball rolling!

While there, Jack and I will attend classes while our kids are loved and taught by Wycliffe staff. The directors of the preschool and elementary programs have already contacted us to learn more about us and our kiddos. They are tailoring the curriculum for those two weeks to our kids, which makes me want to weep! They are making sure that there will be a special speaker from each area in the world that each of the kids are headed to. They will discuss what it means to leave friends and home.

Our kids will grow in their knowledge of Bibleless people groups around the world. They'll learn their names, locate them on a globe, and pray for them. Lucy's class will learn about Bible translation and how it works. All of our kids will develop friendships that (I have a feeling) will last for many years!


Again, God is so faithful. You, our precious friends and family, have been praying that we find community and God is doing just that!


In the six weeks leading up to Equip, Jack and I have an online course to complete. We just finished week 2, and it was fascinating!

We are learning about the history of Wycliffe Bible Translators and the story of God's faithfulness since the early 30's in Bible translation.

Are you interested in a super short history lesson?

Cameron Townsend (affectionately known as "Uncle Cam" later in life) lived in CA and felt called to spend a year selling Spanish Bibles to people in Guatemala. Once there, he learned that few of the people he was selling to spoke Spanish. Instead of returning home after a year, he wrote to his parents to say he was going to live with the Kaqchikel Indians in order to learn their language and translate the Bible for them. Such a humble beginning to such a major organization today! Wycliffe is now doing translation work all over the world!

Uncle Cam married another missionary and together, they helped the work of translation spread into Mexico and Peru. Later, he began the work in Papua New Guinea. Along the way, the home base in Orlando was established (in 1942) and multiple training camps prepared new missionaries in linguistics.

The best part? Uncle Cam and his family lived in a camper two different times! We're just following his footsteps!


What is going on today? Let me tell you about "Vision 2025".

In 1999, a goal was set:

"We embrace the vision that by the year 2025 a Bible translation project will be in progress for every people group that needs it." - Wycliffe Global Alliance

What an exciting time to be joining the mission of God through Bible translation! There is so much going on, and Jack and I get to be a part of it!


There were a few fun facts that we learned about Wycliffe...

- Wycliffe works WITH so many other organizations around the world for the purpose of Bible translation. Together, they form the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

- Wycliffe Bible Translators was named for John Wycliffe, the man who translated the Bible into English. (Um, I 100% take this for granted. Thank you, John!)

- About 200 of the translations on the YouVersion app were provided by Wycliffe.

- Wycliffe does the translation work for the Jesus Film.


I am fascinated by history and stories and I'm SO excited to be a part of something so big and so important.

I've heard it said that the only two things that matter for eternity are the Word of God and people. What an honor to spend our lives giving the Word of God to people!

Interested in some stats?

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