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Would you Pray?

This week has been a flurry of paperwork and Skype calls with the *incredibly helpful* Wycliffe staff that have been assigned to us. We're diving into the deep waters of partnership development. (More on that next week!)

Jack and I were struck today that we are less than three months away from leaving our Traverse City home and beloved friends to begin this journey. There have been a few prayer requests that I would love to share with you, our family and friends!

We're busy sorting through possessions and making GIANT sorting piles... things that are going to live in the camper with us, things that will be stored, things that will go to France with us, things that will go to Africa with us... you know, the usual.

Would you pray for our hearts in this? It may seem silly, but would you pray that we think clearly about our material things? I have a chalkboard in our living room on which I've written, "Christ is all I need". It's been a daily reminder to me that I have all I need in Christ, even though that means parting with our cow painting and our king size bed. May Christ be so overwhelming to us that we understand the proper value of material things.

Secondly, would you pray that our house sells quickly and without hiccups? I'm working on taking some good pictures of the rooms and clearing out spaces, and goodness, it's a lot of work. We're planning to list it in the next three weeks and are confident that God is sovereign over the housing market. God has been so faithful in this area in the past, and we're excited to watch Him work!

Lastly for now, would you pray for our kids' hearts? This transition is going to be bigger than they understand right now and honestly, probably bigger than Jack and I understand right now. Would you pray that their hearts would come away from this whole experience loving Jesus more than ever? Would you pray that God gives us wisdom as we shepherd their hearts in transition, whatever that may bring?

We are so sure of God's faithfulness to us. So, just as God has been faithful to provide friendships and encouragement thus far, would you pray that He specifically provides friends for our kids at our training in Florida, North Carolina, and Texas? Would you begin praying now for their transition to school in France and finding friends there, as well as Africa? We could never pray too much or too early for this!

Friends, this is what is on my heart tonight as I'm so excited about what's to come and also humbled by what we get to do. Serving God is truly what we were created for.

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