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Wisdom from the Prairie

As I write this, we are traveling out west for a long-awaited family vacation with my (Lindsay’s) side of the family. My dad’s college summer days were spent in working in Wyoming and he’s always wanted to take us out to see the rivers he rafted and the pastries he ate. Now that we Campbells are headed overseas, the trip finally was scheduled and is actually happening!

We’re driving through southern South Dakota now, tallying up the billboards we’ve seen for Wall Drug (if you know, you know). We’re sleeping in a borrowed pop-up camper for our trip so that we don’t have to pull our camper over the Rockies, and we’re stopping to see and do along the way!

Earlier today, we had a pit stop in De Smet, SD - one of the homesteads and final resting place of the Ingalls family. We stood on their land, felt the crazy wind, touched the cottonwood trees that Pa planted, and played school in a recreation of the school where Laura first taught.

I loved every minute!

At one of the gift shops, I bought a printed copy of a list of Scripture references in Laura’s handwriting that she had tucked inside her Bible by her rocking chair. When I think of her life and all that she went through (especially as a young mom), I’m so thankful to see the Person from whom she drew her strength and wisdom. I’d love to share some of her favorite verses with you...

In facing a crisis, she read Psalm 46.

When planning a budget, she referred to St. Luke chapter 19.

When traveling, she carried with her Psalm 121.

For inward peace, she turned to the 14th chapter of St. John.

For a record of what trust in God can do, she read Hebrews 11.

When she had sinned, she read 1 John 3:1-21 and made Psalm 51 her prayer.

I was so encouraged as I went back to read through these Scripture passages... timeless truths that speak volumes about the character of our God.

Although moving to Africa to aid in the work of Bible translation probably won’t bear many similarities to settling on the prairie with a wagon and some cast iron skillets, the heart level struggles, fears, and anxieties may very well be the same. May my heart always run first to the sovereign AND good God who holds me fast.

(When we go to Africa, I’m definitely bringing my cast iron skillets with me... so I guess you can just call me “Ma”!)

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