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When I Grow Up

Lucy had so much fun creating a library this week!

Mom had some boxes of children’s books that (quite possibly) haven’t been opened in decades. Lucy organized so many of those books by genre and subject, then alphabetized them and set them out on shelves. She and Titus made library cards for each member of the family and put signs on the door saying: “Lucy Titus Library – Open Monday-Saturday”. There is also a sign to let you know if the library is open or closed. There is a cardboard box to drop your returns in, as well as a cardboard check-out counter complete with a place to "scan" your library card. Lucy keeps track of who has what book on a paper chart, and she assigns them each a due date. Needless to say, we've been reading a lot!

These books brought back so many memories from my childhood, particularly when we lived in England! I remembered almost every cover of every book (and, of course, every copy of “Babysitter’s Little Sister”).

But one book in particular was precious to re-read.

It was called When I Grow Up, I Can Go Anywhere for Jesus by Terry Whalin. I remember the cover so vividly, but what we didn’t realize was that it was about Wycliffe Bible Translators!

I wanted to share some pages with you…

“I’ve heard there are zillions of languages that have never been written down. Well, maybe just thousands. The people who speak those languages don’t have any books – not even the Bible. When I grow up, I’m going to be a Bible translator in Cameroon – right in the middle of Africa!”

“After we can talk like the people around us, I’ll write their language for them. Then I can put the Bible in their language – that’s what a Bible translator does. It takes a long time to translate the Bible – even with a computer. When the people get their very own Bibles, they can learn more about Jesus.”

I love to think about all the times my parents read this book to my siblings and me, and I’m sure that the reading of this book sparked conversations about missions. Even though I might not remember all the details of those talks, I’m so thankful that my parents planted those seeds in my heart early. I’m so thankful for parents who bought a book like this and read it to us over and over. I'm so thankful for parents who would have loved for us to live nearby as adults, but are now so supportive and encouraging as we're taking these steps toward Bible translation in Africa. (Isn't it crazy that the example of translation in the book is Francophone Africa?!?)

And now I love to see where God is leading our family! I wonder what things God is using right now to shape our kids’ hearts too.

Friends with little kids, begin now to tell your kids that the most important and rewarding thing they can ever do is obey God! Tell them how fun it is to obey God and let Him shape your desires! Read them stories of missionaries. Take them on trips to see how the rest of the world lives. Read them books about Bible translation! Tell them that they can be used to glorify God! Only God knows what little seeds are being planted over dinner conversations and bedtime stories.

Lord, may we all be found faithful in the little things.

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