• Lindsay

What day is it?

Things are quiet around here.

Our days are not too dissimilar to what they looked like before this global quarantine. We still do school each day, we still eat dinner as a family at night, and we still generally know what day it is.

The biggest challenge for us has been not seeing our friends. While I am so thankful for virtual ways to connect, I’m finding that it’s just not sufficient. It really is making me long for the days when we can meet up with someone at the park or have a family over for dinner. I’m really missing having church as the anchor for our week, both for our spiritual growth and for knowing what day it is.

But, as we are learning to focus on what we’re thankful for, I’m so glad that we have the community of the Body of Christ! I’m so glad that we’re able to see someone’s face through a screen and study Scripture together. I’m thankful for the music I can play so easily on my phone through a little Bluetooth speaker that Laura Ingalls would not believe.

(Side note: We’ve been watching some Little House and I’ve often wondered what would be the first modern convenience that I’d show Laura Ingalls if she came to our house … either the microwave or the speaker… I’ve been pondering this since I was about 10.)

We’re so thankful to be quarantined on my parents’ farm with full hook-ups for our camper and lots of space and dirt to play in. There are even animals for my little farm girl, Lucy!

But I am most grateful for the consistency and omniscience of my God. He is the same as He was many years ago, and He will continue to be the same for eternity future. He is not surprised by anything, nor is anything out of His hand.

So, we pray. A lot.

We pray for the souls of those sick around the world. We pray for our friends, family, and partners. We pray for our kids. We pray for our future assignment and language school plans. We pray that we will make the most of this really unique season of life. We pray that churches will open up again soon! We pray for our friends and family who are working in their medical front-line jobs. We pray for our grandparents. We pray for missionaries who are quarantined in countries far away. We pray about what financial partnership will look like when this is all over. We pray that God would overwhelm our hearts with His goodness, love, grace, provision, and power.

We’d love to pray for you specifically, if you’d like to share how we can do that.

Would you pray for us?

Pray for Jack, as he finishes up his last few weeks of classes. He arrived home safely from Utah, praise God! Pray for our kids – Lucy is missing her friends, Titus turns 6 this week, and Elias is potty training! Pray for me, that God would give me patience and strength to parent and educate well. Pray for our future assignment and language school plans. (So far, nothing has changed or been updated, and we’re currently signed up for school in France to start in January. We’re being flexible with that as we see how things progress.)

Pray that God would teach us to love Him more, give us a deeper hunger for His Word, and remind us to pray.

Thank you, sweet friends.


A few pictures of what our life looks like right now...

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