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Welcome to Travel Week!

We are officially on the road to Dallas, TX.

We are taking this week to meander on down to Texas. We’ve found that these trips end up being the perfect time for our family to step away from the busyness and the fast-paced nature of our current ministry life.

That’s why our first night of the trip was such a great getaway. We “boondocked” in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which means we weren’t plugged into anything. We just parked the camper and let it do all the work. We found out just how self-sustaining the rig is though! While we had to monitor our resources pretty carefully, we had running water thanks to a battery-powered water pump, lights on the battery, propane-fueled heat, and even hot water for the shower! We spent time as a family hiking on the trails and exploring. It’s so fun to watch the kids discover and run around!

(Our apologies for our blog post being a day late this week... no WiFi up in the Smoky Mountains!)

We went to bed and woke up with the sun, giving us some much-needed rest after a busy weekend and tough goodbyes to our friends in Virginia.

We are now hauling down the interstate with our kitchen and beds trailing behind at 65mph. It’s so bizarre to think about that sometimes! But God has really provided a great life for us in this camper. We get to sleep in our own beds, no matter where our training or ministry might take us, and the time as a family has been invaluable.

On Thursday, we will finally arrive at Dallas International University to begin training in applied linguistics. Lindsay and the kids hit the ground running with their Classical Conversations homeschool group starting the next morning! My class orientation is Monday and Tuesday, then classes start on Wednesday. After all the hard work it took to get to this point, we can’t believe it’s here and that we get to take this huge step toward our future ministry with Wycliffe.

Even as we travel, the Lord has continued to provide people and churches that are giving generously toward our Wycliffe ministry. When we first got the green light to go to Dallas, we were at 65% of our monthly ministry budget. As of today, we have officially reached 75%! We are blown away by your generosity and excited to see what God has in store for us over the next couple of months.

Please continue to pray for us:

  • that God will keep us safe on the road as we finish our trip

  • that we are able to connect quickly with a local church in Dallas

  • that the kids transition well and continue to get excited about where God is leading us

  • that I work hard and remain diligent in my studies

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