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We're Heading to Switzerland!

Even amidst all the waiting and unsure times, God continues to start putting pieces together for us and the plan for our future is starting to become clearer!

As you know, we've been working to get visas to France but have not been able to due to coronavirus restrictions in that country. Well, after a lot of work and talking with people literally all over the French-speaking world, we have finally developed a "Plan B" to start language school.

We will be studying at a language school in Switzerland!

The Goal:

Before we arrive at our assignment in Côte d'Ivoire, we need to reach a "Level B2" of fluency in French. This means that we will be able to talk about concrete and abstract terms in French and possess a vocabulary related specifically to linguistics and translation. The school in Switzerland has an intensive set of courses designed to get us to that level in around 8-9 months! It will be a lot of work, but we are excited to get started. We have been working on some French learning during this waiting period to prepare us as much as possible before we start school in Europe.

The Plan:

Classes start in June in Switzerland. Due to housing availability, we will move there in August, but we will start by doing self-study from the US. The school there has been gracious enough to send us the books we need to start on our own. Then, once we arrive in Switzerland, we will join the class in person. It means another slight delay, but we have a plan now and that feels nice! And praise the Lord that they are allowing us to start even before we arrive to get the ball rolling!

The Change:

The only potential downside with this plan as it was being developed was that it costs more to live in Switzerland, so our launch budget would have to increase in order to plan for this change. But the Lord has already provided the funds necessary to account for this increase! We are truly blown away by how God has prepared the way for us through each of you!

The Kids:

Our kids will attend Swiss schools in French while we live there. Our apartment will be conveniently situated across the street from their school. When we ask them what they're looking forward to most, they say, "the TVs on the airplane" and "making new friends!" As of right now, the kids will not be required to wear masks at school, which we are so thankful for. Seeing entire faces while learning a language is critical!


Please continue to pray as we begin a new set of visa applications and school registrations. We're so thankful for all those that have been faithfully praying for us during this time!

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