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We're All In

We are back to Normal!

Normal, Illinois, that is. After selling our house and camping at Lake Ann Camp for a few days, we're now at our first destination! We'll be here for the rest of the month and we have a lot planned...

So what is our strategy going to be as we arrive in new place after new place? What conversations are we having with each other and with our kids? Jack and I have spent a lot of time talking and praying about how to guide our family through these transitions and we'd like to share some of that with you.

Over breakfast on Sunday morning, we had a family pep talk about what it looks like to be "all in" this month. We anticipate that Normal will be a home base for us, a place of many prayer and financial partners, and we look forward to coming back for significant amounts of time. So, it's important for us to be plugged in, known, and serving. We explained to the kids that we will be here for a few weeks and we want to make the most of our time! They were each challenged to be the one to initiate conversation and make a friend at church... AND remember their new friend's name. This isn't a new thing that we're asking of our kids, and they did a great job! Jack and I know that we need community, friendship, and accountability, and we want to teach our kids that too.

Jack's schedule is filling up with speaking engagements at his church and the associated Christian school. As a family, we have plans to get together over dinner or at a playground with many families at the church. And, OF COURSE, we're spending a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa! What a gift grandparents are!

There is great joy in being known and loved by people who share Christ's love. The immediate community in the Body of Christ is incredible. Are you "all in"?


- As Jack wrote in his last blog post, God has been doing some amazing things in our lives! We're so thankful for the quick and easy sale of our house, as well as our growing list of prayer and financial partners! We are SO encouraged by you all!!! We could not do this without you all!

- Our kids have been adjusting so well so far. We're finding friends and community, and that is a huge answer to a lot of your/our prayers!

- We have parked our home on land owned by the church and have all of the hook-ups we need. All of our needs are met!

- We are keenly aware that God began building a network of people in our lives since before we were born. We're so thankful for all of the people surrounding us and encouraging us.

Please pray for us!

- Jack will be speaking at chapels, Bible classes, and at Calvary's high school graduation this month. Pray that he will think clearly and speak truth.

- We have many dinners, lunches, coffees, and meetings scheduled in the next few weeks. Pray that they would be fruitful and that we would be a blessing and encouragement to everyone we meet with!

- Continue to pray for our kids' hearts. (This one is always the case!) Pray that this whole endeavor will draw them closer to God and that this will prepare them to serve Christ in their adult lives.

- As we continue to settle into our camper, pray that we will have grace and patience with each other!

Home Sweet Home!

We love our little corner of Normal!

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