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Tour de Bôle

Our time living in Switzerland has come to a close. This week, we will finally board a plane for Africa!

We said so many goodbyes these last few days to dear friends that we've made during our time here. We ate crêpes and fondue one last time. And we've been packing like crazy.

A few weeks ago asked the kids how they wanted to say goodbye to Switzerland, and they came up with a few fun ideas. They wanted to give gifts to their friends at school, so on their last day, they each brought some candy and a pencil with an American flag on it for all their classmates.

The other idea was to walk around our little town of Bôle and do a little tour of all the places we went to frequently. We visited our favorite playgrounds, a great little obstacle course at the park, and the grocery store that we went to at least once a week. We even walked up a little dirt path that we took to keep a little away from the road on our walks home. The kids called it the secret path.

And we took a camera with us to film it all. I'll be honest, this is mostly for us to remember this place but I hope you enjoy it too!

Dominique (center) is the lead teacher at Inlingua where we've been studying for the last 9 months.

Florence was our kids' French language teacher.

We and the Goodlins had dinner with Jean-Luc and Carol (far left) who were so helpful for our whole stay here.

We had a BBQ with our small group to say goodbye. We have learned so much with them, both in French and in God's Word.

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