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The Next Step

One of the biggest questions we get about our journey is, "What's the next step?"

Well, for now, we're selling our house! We've spent the last few weeks preparing our house to go on the market and now it is officially for sale. (So if you have any friends that are looking for a great house in Traverse City, let us know!)

We did some projects around the house that have been on our list since we moved in. We cleaned EVERYTHING (I was mostly moral support on this one). But the majority of this process has been throwing away/selling/donating a lot of our material possessions. I know everyone has a lot of stuff, but it was incredibly refreshing to get rid of so much stuff and to begin simplifying our life.

And it has to happen, because in case we haven't told you, we're moving into a camper!

We pick up our camper in just 2 weeks. Then we'll do some minor work to get it ready to be our new home. It will be a definite adjustment, but it will allow us to spend time near family and be flexible with all the training that yet lies ahead -- Florida, North Carolina, Texas...

So that's what we know. That's the next step. And honestly, that's all we're sure of.

The date we leave depends on the sale of the house. The training schedule depends on how many people get on board with our mission. We may know the general picture of what is to come, but there are still no details.

And it has made clear to us something that seems to be true throughout Scripture. No one is ever given every detail but instead is asked to walk with God through whatever may come. Galatians tells us to walk in the Spirit. The Psalms tell us that the Word is a light to our path, not our destination. Esther doesn't know until she's in a position of power why she's been put there.

The point is, we feel God has been so gracious in making His plans for us so clear. But we don't know how all of this is going to play out. And that can stir up some anxiety.

And so our prayer is that we would learn to lean on God in the unknown--that He would give us wisdom for the decisions that need to be made.

Would you join us in prayer?

Pray that our house would sell quickly

Pray that our team of financial partners would form quickly

Pray that our hearts would grow patient in the waiting

Pray that we would trust God for the plan and learn to follow him.

We covet your prayers and are excited for all the people that are backing us on this mission.


Thanks for following along with us as we learn to follow God in a new way. If you are interested in partnering with our Wycliffe ministry, click the Join Us link above. We can't do this alone and we are excited to see God put together a team to make this possible!

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