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The Lord Provides

We are officially going to Dallas in January! A lot had to come together for that to happen, so let me tell you all about how God has provided over the last couple of weeks:

-We’ve been given the green light to start our training at Dallas International University! Thank you to all who have partnered with our Wycliffe ministry over the last few months. We are currently at 65% of our monthly ministry budget, and because of our momentum and the way God has provided some extra funds during this time, our supervisors have approved our training to begin in Dallas.

-We were also notified this week of our acceptance to the school. This took some time, a GRE test, and a lot of paperwork, but we are in!

-Finally, many of you have been praying about our housing situation, and God has provided above what we were expecting on that front. We were originally unable to secure a spot in the RV park on campus, so our prayer has been for something else to open up in the area that would be both manageable and affordable for our time there. The housing department just let us know that we have a spot in the RV park! God’s kindness to us has been overwhelming.

Our Timeline:

A lot of people have been asking about where all this fits in the bigger picture of our training. Here’s a timeline of what we’ve finished and we still have ahead of us:

Join Wycliffe. On March 1, we officially became members of Wycliffe Bible Translators and started this journey that will lead us eventually to Africa.

Equip. Our first training, called Equip, was our Wycliffe orientation course that prepared us for this first stage of our ministry. This started the process of developing a team of partners that would be a part of our Wycliffe ministry.

Intercultural Communications Course. We spent 5 weeks at the JAARS center in North Carolina learning about how we interact with other cultures and how to convey the gospel well in a new environment. We learned so much at this training and it got us incredibly excited for our future ministry.

➡️ Dallas International University. This is our first “long-term” training to finish before we begin our overseas assignment. I will spend two semesters studying the basics of applied linguistics. This will be the foundational training for my translation work on the field. I’ve always had an interest in languages and I’m so excited to get some university training in this area.

➡️ French Language School. After we finish our training in Dallas, we move to France to study French full time. Both Lindsay and I will be enrolled in French language school, while our kids will attend local French schools. While we will be helping translate the Bible into local African languages, all of the translation work in Francophone Africa is done in French. This step will be a critical part of me being able to succeed on the field. It will also give Lindsay and the kids the tools to interact well with people in our community once we move to Africa. This schooling should take around a year.

➡️ Francophone Africa. Once our training is complete, we get to begin work in Africa. By that time, we will have a specific assignment to move to. While it can seem that we have a lot ahead of us before we are where we will end up, we are excited about each step along the way and know that they will be critical to our success and effectiveness on the field.

How can you help?

-Pray for us and with us. We have seen the power of prayer in just the last couple of weeks and we know that prayer is crucial as we continue to pursue this ministry. We will continue to update you through this blog about how you can be praying.

-Give. We have been overwhelmed with your generosity! And we are humbled that so many people are willing to partner with our Wycliffe ministry in this way. If God is leading you to be a part of this ministry, we would greatly appreciate it. Truly, every little bit helps.

Our whole story has been case after case of God taking care of us, especially when it seemed impossible. We want to remember these times of God's abundant provision to get us through any difficult times we may face in the future. He truly is Jehovah-Jireh, the Great Provider!

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