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The Home Stretch

After a whirlwind of travel and visiting family and meeting with a few new churches, we are back to our camper! We are currently parked in Illinois spending time with my family and many of our ministry partners in this area. We love the friendships that we’ve been able to build here and the many relationships that I know will last for a long time. We are starting to piece together our fall plans and we really feel like we are hitting the home stretch in developing the team of partners that will come behind us in our Wycliffe ministry. It is such an exciting time for us!

In our recent visits to family, the reality of our move overseas started to hit home. This will be the last time that we see some of those family members before we leave for the mission field. We talk often about saying goodbye and I really believe that Wycliffe has prepared us well for this very difficult step. But saying goodbye to family and actually driving away still isn’t easy. We are increasingly aware that one of the hardest things to give up in this mission that God has called us to is being close to family, especially when major events (births, deaths, moves, etc) happen. I recently read a quote by David Platt, where he says, “It will not always be easy, but it will always be worth it.” I find myself needing to intentionally remind myself of that as we hit some of the more difficult parts of this transition.

At the same time, the excitement for this next step is bubbling over! I remember feeling like we were an eternity away from actually going to the field, and now it feels like it’s just around the corner. I’m wrapping up a summer class and preparing to start the fall semester online through DIU. Despite the craziness of the pandemic, France recently started accepting visa applications again. It seems that everything is still on track for us to move to France in time for classes to start in January.

The biggest need ahead of us is our Launch Expense Account. I explained more about exactly what this covers in our June Financial Update. First, I want to say thank you to all those that have given toward this budget over the last couple of months. We continue to be overwhelmed by your generosity! We are chipping away at that budget line and we know that God is more than able to bring those funds in. On top of that, my scholarship for the fall was increased thanks to more available funds, and we were able to apply for another discount. As of today, we have officially paid for our Dallas schooling in full!

The Lord is good to us!

How you can partner:

1. Please continue to pray for us. We are preparing for the first of many transitions in our lives and we know that we can’t do it without the Lord going before us. We also have the finish line in sight financially. Would you please pray that those funds come in quickly and we can officially get approval to move forward in January?

2. Would you also consider giving toward those Launch Expenses that are still ahead of us? To partner financially, you can go to On the drop-down box, select Launch Expense Account to give toward those one-time expenses that we need to cover before we move.

Your partnership makes Bible translation possible and helps bring the Word of God to those that don’t yet have it in their language.

We can’t do this without you!

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