• Lindsay

Thank You!

The Lord is good and He is using you in powerful ways!

Here is something that has been surprisingly consistent throughout our constantly-changing journey:

We have been absolutely blown away by your generosity and by the support and the backing we've received along the way.

So many people have chosen to partner with our Wycliffe ministry and join what God is doing in Bible translation right now. From some of our closest friends and family to people we've never even met, the needed resources have come in and the Lord has provided for us.


We've also had a number of anonymous gifts come in recently, and the only way we know to thank you is to say THANK YOU right here on our blog!

We've been so encouraged by the way God is working in each of your hearts and we're so thankful for the way you've faithfully obeyed His leading!

In fact, we now only need $1100/month to meet the ministry budget that Wycliffe has established for us! (Woohoo!!) Once we complete our budget, our focus can move more directly to finishing our training in Dallas and preparing for the next step in France.

God has done a huge work in our hearts too.

We were terrified of what it meant to "raise support" or the weirdness of asking people for money. When we first applied to Wycliffe, they asked us, "What are you most nervous about in joining Wycliffe?" Our answer wasn't moving to Africa or being away from family or the fear of the unknown (the obvious things!). We said, "Raising Support!"

But, as it turned out, this season of partnership development has been such a blessing. We've been able to spend time building relationships and talking about Bible translation. Seriously, can it get any better than that?

It has been deeply humbling to see the sacrificial generosity of so many. We desire to serve God well in what He has called us to do, and we truly couldn't do it without you!


A little family update... We have been invited to a missions conference in Tampa this week, so we spent the past two days driving to Florida! We will spend Wednesday through Sunday sharing our Wycliffe ministry at the church... and Jack even gets to preach in the Spanish service! We are really looking forward to it!

Would you pray for us this week? Pray that we all stay healthy. Pray that God would open our eyes to see the people around us, and not just the schedule of events. Pray for Jack as he speaks in multiple classes and services. Pray for our kids as they make new friends and are "in the spotlight", in a way. Pray that we would have wisdom and urgency as we share the need for Bible translation around the world.

Thank you all so much.

What a team!

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