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T - 4 Weeks!

We are right around 4 weeks until our departure to Switzerland and things are starting to get real!

First of all, since we last talked about it here on the blog, we have reached 100% of our monthly ministry budget! If you remember, with the switch to Switzerland and the official assignment to Côte d'Ivoire, our budget got fine-tuned a little bit, which put us under what we needed to be able to leave. Well, God continues to provide in ways we could not have planned or imagined and, as of this week, we are back at 105% of our monthly budget needs! Thank you all for your generosity and kindness and support as we prepare for the field. That was a major roadblock that has quickly been cleared.

We have also sent in our visa applications and are hoping to hear from the Swiss embassy soon. Please continue to pray for the visa process to go smoothly and quickly. As always, God seems to put elements of this journey in a place where we are forced to remember that He is the only one in control. And so we pray and we ask you to pray with us for this step. The exciting part is that we are farther along with all of this than we ever were in our preparation for France!

Now, we have checklists and meetings galore for the next couple of weeks as we prepare to move. We've been put in touch with people in Switzerland that are already planning for our arrival and have been so helpful in helping us prepare...what to pack, what not to pack, information about the kids' school, and how to get around, among many other things. We already feel so supported from that end! We can't wait to be on the ground starting our French language learning!


I also wanted to take a little time to tell you about our most recent podcast episode.

This episode was about the people that are in Diaspora, which was something new to me. Essentially, this includes anyone that has had to leave their home language communities, whether voluntarily for work or school, or forced by war or persecution. How this affects Bible translation is that many people from hard-to-reach languages have left those places and can now not only find ways to get Scripture in their language, but they can help with the translation process! About half of the remaining languages that do not have any Scripture are located in places where outsiders are not allowed. Engaging people who have left their homes with the good news of the gospel can be a strategic way to engage whole communities that we otherwise could not reach.

Take a listen to Season 2, Episode 3: Engaging Diaspora Communities and learn along with me as we discuss the impact that the diaspora could have on Bible translation.

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