• Lindsay

T-1 Month

We’re a month away from living in Côte d’Ivoire! I’d appreciate so much if you would pray for some specifics for our family this month…

  • Our kids are feeling some big feelings right now as things are wrapping up. I’m so thankful for the variety of resources and bedrock Truth that we have to lean on when we talk to our kids these days. Would you pray that we would spend our time well and see God’s faithfulness in little details?

  • Would you pray that we would care for our relationships well this month? We’ve been loved so well here and we want to make sure we say goodbye well. The packing will all get done some way or another, but the relationships are really important to us.

  • Please pray that God would prepare friends for us in Abidjan, specifically for our kids. And pray that God would provide an Ivorian “cultural insider” to help us maneuver humility, kindness, politeness, and friendship in their culture. We have so much to learn and we’re so excited!

  • Pray that we’ll find a French-speaking Ivorian church to belong to while we’re there. A place in which we can learn, grow and serve.

  • Would you pray for health, especially upon arrival and our initial adjustment time? Specifically, I’m praying that God would spare us of any tropical mosquito-borne illnesses - at least til we get our bearings! Ha!

  • There are only a few paper-work details that need to be worked out before our arrival, but we always appreciate border-crossing prayers!

Thank you all so much! We’ve been so encouraged by you all and the way you’ve remembered us in your prayers. So, so thankful! Go team!

We often miss our hourly train after church and have to take a different one to a different town to walk home from. We call it the "Secret Path" and we love it!

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