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Summer Camp!

We get to spend a week at camp! Our delayed schedule has allowed us one more trip in the camper to Lake Ann Camp. And, joy of joys, Lucy is old enough to be a camper!

I’ve been a camper, a counselor, a program director, a speaker’s wife, a youth pastor’s wife, and a full-time staff family. NOW, I get to be the parent of a camper for the first time!

This camp means so much to me. So much of the way that Jack and I think about ministry was formed during our summers working here. God worked in my heart in incredible ways during my weeks and summers here. I remember during a senior high chapel in high school when I committed my life to missions, whatever that would look like. There is something amazing about removing the distractions of life to hear from God. I’m thrilled that Lucy gets to have this opportunity before we leave for Switzerland. We’re looking for the ways that God is faithful to our hearts - when we look for them, we will see them!

We’re praying for our girl this week, and we’re so thankful for a week of rest and fun at Lake Ann.

She gets to share a bunk bed with a sweet friend from our time in Traverse City!

Wendy (in red) was my counselor when I was a high school camper! So thankful to spend time with her!

We have fun with sweet friends that we don’t get to see very often!!

A collection of pictures from my days as a camper, counselor, and program director.

This picture was taken when we moved to camp full-time in January of 2015.

The full-time staff community was amazing! These ladies threw me a baby shower before Elias was born.

We’re so, so thankful for the ways that God has used Lake Ann Camp in our lives. This will be a furlough tradition!

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