• Lindsay

Storytime in the Camper

We made it to Illinois! We're enjoying time with Jack's parents and reconnecting with our friends at Calvary Baptist Church. We're parked (with full hook-ups) on the church property. The church has been meeting out on the grass not far from our camper for their open-air services, and we've really enjoyed being so close! Jack was able to give an update on our ministry and progress this past Sunday and we've had two new financial partners join the team since then! We're SO thankful for you all and blown away by God's faithfulness and provision!

During the quarantine, Calvary put together a Facebook page for their Kids ministry as a way to share resources and Bible lessons. For this week, I was asked to share one of our favorite children's books.

The kids and I chose The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross by Carl Laferton.

Join us for a story from the camper!

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