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Starkey Road

We wrapped up a week at Starkey Road Baptist Church’s missions conference and it went so well!

Our week didn’t unfold the way he had expected though, since all three kids and I all fell prey to sickness. We had to miss two whole days of conference activities while Jack ran out for extra supplies in between his meetings and presentations at the church. We’re all amazed that Jack was able to keep going and stay healthy! Praise God!

As I snuggled my babies and felt their feverish heads over and over, I was reminded that we aren’t in control. While that could be unsettling, it is also so comforting to know that the God who knows and loves me IS in control. He knows what we don’t know and sees what we don’t see.

This week, I was reminded again that God is the One working in people’s hearts and minds.

It isn’t our craftiness or skill in presentation. It isn’t even our personalities and Jack’s ability to make someone laugh. While I sat in our host’s living room watching Paw Patrol on repeat and wishing I could be more involved, God was still building our team of partners and spreading awareness of Bibleless people groups around the world. And, bonus, I got to spend restful time with my kids.

Each evening, we (Jack, really) had dinner with church families and attended events including panel discussions, presentations, and home meetings.

Thankfully, I was able to leave the kids with Jack and attend the Ladies’ Tea! The highlight of my week! I feel so at home sitting at table with women who love Jesus, sipping tea and swapping stories of God’s faithfulness. There are so many people at Starkey Road who have spent time overseas in ministry and we LOVED hearing their stories! Many who have been in parts of Francophone Africa were so encouraging and will pray in very specific ways for our family. We are so thankful.

Kathy (sitting to my right) is a graduate of Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, where I did my student teaching!

Sunday morning was so full! We had the opportunity to present in a Sunday School class and Jack preached in the main service. I was able to spend time in the children’s ministry too – another highlight of my week! We listened to scripture in various languages and talked about what it means to have (or not have) the Bible in your heart language.

Dawn and her puppy, Barnie, hosted our family for the week. We're so thankful for Dawn's hospitality!

From every meal to every heartfelt prayer, we are so thankful for our time and the people at Starkey Road!

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