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I am happy to announce that the final episode of season 1 has been released for the Bible Translation Podcast!

One of the biggest challenges that translators face is making sure that the final translation product that comes from their project actually gets used. And for a long time, the hope was just that the transforming power of the Word would guarantee it got used. But many times, there are roadblocks in place that stop people from ever even opening the Bible to experience the power of God that is found in its pages!

The goal of Scripture Engagement is to remove as many of those obstacles as possible. And in this episode of the podcast, I interviewed Wayne Dye, who wrote the book on this topic. He has developed 8 conditions for Scripture Engagement to maximize the chance that people will accept the final translation and that the Word of God will be able to speak into their lives. You can be doing these things long before the translation is complete!

Here are the 8 conditions:

  1. Choosing the Language

  2. Choosing the Translation Style

  3. Accessibility

  4. Background Information

  5. Availability

  6. Spiritual Hunger

  7. Ability to Commit

  8. Partnership with Locals

Listen to the episode to hear Wayne Dye talk about each one of these and share stories of how thinking through this before the translation was even done helped people get access to God's Word in effective ways.

The Bible Translation Podcast

Also, thanks to the overwhelming response we got for Season 1, the second season is already in the works! I have most of the interviews done and I'm so excited to share with you what I've been learning along the way. Be looking for it this summer!

On a family note:

We are doing a little bit of travel here in the next few weeks. Pray for our family as we spend some time with extended family and visit many of our prayer and financial partners. This trip is a special blessing that has come from the extra time we've been given here in the States.

And continue to pray for our transition to Switzerland. Things are looking great and we are moving forward steadily! It's exciting to have an actual plan in place to be working toward!

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