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Saying Goodbye to the Camper

It’s been a little over two years since we sold our house and everything in it in order to move into a camper and travel the country building a team of prayer and financial partners.

This week, we cleaned it out and sold it, along with our truck.

A season has come to an end, with the next season following close behind.

God has given us every single thing that we’ve needed, and more.

I can’t even describe the emotional stability that this camper provided for us during the past two years. Our family weathered a potentially stressful season of life really well - and we know that the camper had so much to do with that. No matter where we were in the country, we were home every night. We had sweet family time during our travel days and nights. We made memories at campsites all over the country, and the kids loved it!

During our farewell tour with the camper (our last big trip with it), we brainstormed our favorite memories. We remembered…

  • Cookouts with many new friends at our trainings - We provided a hot grill and everyone brought their own meat! There was always, always enough food to go around.

  • A family joke referencing the unstable footings of the camper… “Stop shaking the mustard, I’m trying to write!”

  • Our camping trip in Lebanon, OH when both of my sisters and their husbands and dogs stayed in the camper with us!

  • We camped in Kentucky to see the Ark and Creation Museum with Grandma and Grandpa, the Sumralls, and their dogs.

  • We LOVED having Calvary meet for church at the Acres, just outside our camper in Illinois!

  • We had a few scary tornado warnings in central Illinois.

  • I remember running out of propane in the night, and waking up to the fireplace on because Jack woke up to warm the camper while we slept.

  • I’m SO THANKFUL that Jack took care of our needs, even when that meant going outside in bad weather in the middle of the night to switch the propane tanks!

  • I learned so much about how to pack the camper for transit, with only a few broken items in the process.

  • I learned to love doing laundry at friends’ houses!

  • Jack really appreciated the ease of movement, especially our move to Dallas.

  • When we really wanted to be comfy in the evenings, we folded the couch into a bed and moved dining bench cushions around to make “Relaxstation”. Good, good memories!

  • I’m so thankful for our memories of doing school in the camper, sitting outside, laying in hammocks, and lounging on blankets.

  • The kids loved showing off their home to their friends - and spent many hours playing legos and dress-up with them.

  • While we were parked on campus in Dallas, there was a neighboring camper in the RV park with three kids. The kids quickly learned that they could set their walkie-talkies to the same frequency and talk to each other from their bedrooms or dining room table. “How’s your pizza? This mac ’n’ cheese is delicious!”

Someone recently remarked that we must be ready to get rid of the camper and live in an actual home, but it’s just not the case. We loved, loved, loved living in our camper… and we’ll do it again someday!

This camper was exactly what we needed during this season. God was so faithful to take care of us and sanctify our hearts as we learned how to live in close quarters. Our relationships are sweeter because of it!

What adventures are next for our beloved camper? She’s headed out west with a family who will help Jack’s brother, Paul, plant a church north of Salt Lake City. We’re thrilled that friends are moving in and that our camper will continue to do ministry! Glory to God!

What adventures are next for us? We’re living with my (Lindsay’s) parents for a few weeks before our anticipated departure in early August. We’re still waiting for visas, but have confirmation that our application is where it needs to be and is being processed. Details about our arrival are being worked out more every day, and we’re looking forward to being able to finally go!

We never know what Elias will be wearing when he finally falls asleep!

The tub was perfect for little Elias - especially while the big kids did school at the table!

I’m SO proud of the way Jack navigates in gas stations!

Jack got the kids involved in every area of camper care and maintenance!

Winter travel was tricky!

These snapshots of everyday life are precious to me!

Many teeth were lost in the camper!

Christmas 2019 in the Camper

So many people from all over the country got to sign our sign!

I loved my little kitchen and the creativity it took to cook in it!

Our last week with the camper was spent next to the Hendersons at Lake Ann!

The places we’ve been since moving into the camper…

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