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Salt of the Earth

Do you know who runs the landfill in your area? Do you know your garbage man? Have you met the guys that fix the street or fix the power lines? Just think of any occupation you've seen on Dirty Jobs - "the guys that make civilized life possible for the rest of us."

There's a term for these people that gets thrown around a lot: the Salt of the Earth.

It's the people that fill the thankless jobs that don't have the glamour or the fame. It's the people that make life possible for you that you've never even met. It's people like Doug or Gwen that run the landfill where I live. I can't even tell you how many times I've driven by the landfill without even acknowledging that people work there, let alone wondering who they were. But my current job has given me the opportunity to interact with people like this on a daily basis. They work day after day and their impact on the world is indispensable, but they can go their whole lives without being noticed.

They are the Salt of the Earth.

It's interesting that we use this term. You see the Bible calls us to be salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13). And I think the comparisons are valid. Salt impacts what it is put into. That's why we use that term. There are good people all around us that are hugely impactful in our world but might not ever be noticed. This is exactly what Jesus is talking about when he calls us to be salt. Impact the world for the gospel! Do it, even if you don't get noticed.

Gospel work can often feel thankless or that you are just putting it in every day and not seeing the big picture of what you are doing. We have the opportunity to go overseas and help translate the Bible. But even in that, the work left to be done in Bible translation is enormous and I already start thinking, "What can I do to even put a dent in the need that is left?"

But that's not what matters. To be salt in this world is to put in the work day in and day out. It means to impact the world around you.

So that people see what you are doing and say, "Those people are the salt of the earth."

Alright...a little update for you as well!

Things are moving fast. Here's what's been going on:

We brought our camper home. It's docked in the driveway while we work on it to make it home and to prep it to hold everything we own.

And we got an offer on our house! I can barely believe it. We have been praying that we could do this without a realtor and that we would get what we were asking. God answered both of those prayers in such a direct way.

But now the clock is ticking. We have until our closing date to work on the camper and get it ready to be our new home.

God is good.

Let's do this!


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