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Over the past few years, my soul has had a lot of practicing finding rest in God alone.

Yet still, it is a constant intentional choice to do so.

And still, God is faithful.

I’m so thankful that we have access to the throne of God - that He listens and cares. Prayer is incredible.


Because of our trainings, we now have friends and connections literally all over the world - some of whom are in Europe very close to the current world events. It has been incredible to hear their stories of refugees fleeing Ukraine and finding safety... stories of people trusting in Christ and the Church opening up their homes for weary families.

One of our friends is working with the Deaf community in Europe. Teams of Deaf believers are literally standing at the border of Ukraine, waiting to welcome Deaf Ukrainian families. And they’ve come! Their sign languages are very different, but they’ve been working to understand each other through the language barrier.

We’ve been receiving video updates from an organization that cares for orphans in Ukraine. They’re moving kids from shelter to shelter and working hard to have enough food for them all.


There is so much to think about (and worry about) in the world right now.

My own prayer requests seem too petty to even share in light of everything else going on, but I think that’s the enemy whispering lies.

And so, we lean into prayer. We pray for world leaders and fleeing families. We pray for those who are hurt and sick. We pray for our language learning and our relationships with the people here. We pray for physical safety. We pray for the Church to grow. We pray for wisdom. We pray for the children - ours, yours, and the ones living in a war zone.

Our Father, who knows what we need before we even ask Him - the Father who sees in secret - hears us. He knows us and loves us. He knows them and loves them. I’m convinced that prayer is powerful. Let’s not neglect this opportunity to involve our hearts in the work God is doing!


Jack and I were on the worship team again this past week and I love spending time learning the songs each month. Below are two of the songs that have been especially impactful for me - and they've been played around the apartment enough that our kids know them too!

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