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Praise God!

When I look back over the prayer requests I’ve had as a mom and the requests I’ve shared for our family, I see the amazing things that God has done in the past month specifically! Our time in Dallas had been a “future” thing for so long and now we’re here.

We prayed that God would provide friends for our kids at every stop in the road from Florida to North Carolina to Texas… and He has! After only a week in Dallas, Lucy excitedly told me, “Mommy! I already have 13 friends in Texas!” From our neighbors on campus to our Classical Conversations group, God has provided an incredible community here.

We prayed that God would lead us to a church for our time in Dallas. Wow, God did that. We have found a church that has solid teaching for kids and adults. And, it’s small enough that we’re able to get to know so many people on a Sunday! We’ve already had multiple meals with families in the church and our kids LOVE their classes. Truly, we’re blown away by God’s provision in this area!

We prayed that Jack would do well in and ENJOY his classes. Goodness, it is SO evident that Jack loves what he’s doing. As a wife, I love watching him get SO excited about grammar and vowel sounds! He is passing along anything pertaining to French to prepare me to speak without an accent when we get there… I just need to figure out what an “advanced tongue root” is and how to produce nasalized vowels! He’s taking four classes including Phonetics, Phonology, Grammar, and Second Language and Cultural Acquisition. There is a lot of work to do outside of class, but he enjoys it and he knows that it will all be used on the field. All that to say, God continues to answer that prayer!

We prayed for our kids’ hearts in all the transitions of the past year. God has abundantly provided in this area too. Honestly, the camper has been an enormous blessing because it brings consistency at home, even when home is always changing. (Any tips on getting a camper to France would be appreciated.) We have started a book called 99 Questions for Global Families: Quality conversation starters for families crossing cultures. The questions in it spark really interesting conversations with our kids and we’ve caught glimpses into their hearts. They are learning to compare/contrast cultures and even simply learning what a culture is. For example, we're noticing that doing life in Michigan is really different than doing life in Texas, and it’s been really fun to talk about!

When asked, “Where are you from?”…

  • Lucy’s reply: Virginia

  • Titus’ reply: Michigan

  • Elias’ reply: the camper

God is so faithful!

We continue to pray for many things, of course, and we are confident that God is sovereign and faithful.

Would you pray with us for the remainder of our time in Dallas?

Would you pray for the details that must come into place before we can go to France? We are already communicating with the school that we will attend and are working on enrollment in order to secure housing. Pray for wisdom as we make decisions about this.

Please pray for our kids’ transition to French schools. Pray for friends for them – friends that love Jesus and friends that our kids can be a light to. Pray for their hearts and minds as they will be immersed in a new school, new language, new country, new schedule… Praise God that He stays the same!

Pray for clarity as we narrow down our future assignment location. We rest in the fact that God knows what we don’t know and sees what we don’t see. Pray that God would direct our desires and hearts to match His. We expect to have our assignment location decided sometime while we’re in France.


Thank you all SO MUCH for praying for our family and for taking the time to stay updated on our travels.

It means so much to us, truly.


Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name;

make known among the nations what he has done.

Sing to him, sing praise to him;

tell of all his wonderful acts.

Glory in his holy name;

let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.

Look to the Lord and his strength;

seek his face always.

Psalm 105:1-4

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