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One Year Down

We joined Wycliffe exactly one year ago!

What a journey it’s been! As we think back over the last year, I’m blown away by God’s faithfulness and generosity throughout it all.

A year ago, we were still living in Michigan and were just being introduced to the world of Wycliffe and of Bible translation. We moved into a camper and off we went!

Since then, we’ve been to Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire, back to Virginia, Ohio, Illinois again, Michigan, and now we live in Texas! To say it’s been an adventure doesn’t even seem to do it justice!

But we’ve learned so much along the way. Wycliffe has done a lot of work to prepare us for the life that is ahead, including training our kids how to embrace change and how to thrive in new environments. We’re so thankful for the way they’ve cared for us all! We’ve also met some truly incredible people that are on their way to the mission field. What an immense encouragement to be working alongside these people.

We got to visit some of the translation work that is happening in Côte d’Ivoire! That was such an exciting time for us and an inspiration to see that there is work to be done. We got a glimpse into the kind of work we’ll be doing and it kindled the fire that is already burning in us for the need to get the Bible into these languages.

Saying goodbye to the SIL team in Abidjan

Now we’re living at Dallas International University, and I’m learning the knowledge and skills that I’ll need to be successful in this work. And it is a blast! What an affirmation that we are exactly where God wants us to be and that He is continuing to prepare our hearts for this work.

That's Dallas behind us!

So many people have begun partnering with our Wycliffe ministry, and in so many ways! We have people that are committed to praying for us on a regular basis. We have people that are intentional about encouraging us and communicating with us. We have people that are giving financially to allow us to be a part of this work. I think I understood that it would take a team effort to get us on the field, but I was vastly unaware of how amazing it would be to partner with this many people for the purpose of Bible translation. It feels like a whole community is doing this together and we are humbled to be a part of it!

The common theme across the board has been how God is teaching us to trust Him more and more each day. This weekend, at our church, our pastor preached on Daniel 6, talking about how it’s possible to trust in God.

Here’s one of the points he made:

“This moment, of which the outcome seems so uncertain, will finally, in the end, work out for His eternal glory and my highest joy!”

This is it! This is how it works!

We’ve been reminded in all of this that God is ultimately working for His glory among the nations. We’re simply joining in and being a part of the work.

And so often, when we tell people what we are doing, the response is, “I could never do that!”

And I get it. There’s so much uncertainty and we don’t know what’s ahead. But God has been faithful to show us that His glory is what brings our highest joy. He’s our creator and He knows what truly satisfies us. Over and over, we’ve seen how God has changed what we desire and fulfilled our desires all at the same time. As a super tangible example, we had no idea how living in the camper would work, but God worked to take away our desire for material things and lead us into contentment. We can’t explain things like this from our own perspective. Only God working in us. He is faithful!

We are one year down and, Lord willing, many more to go. There’s still a lot of uncertainty, but God is faithful! And we’re excited!

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