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On the Road Again!

We've lived in the camper for over a month now! And honestly, we love it.

We're learning how to organize our things, learning what things we actually need, and learning how to control smells (this is a bigger job than I thought it would be!). People laugh when I say this, but there are definitely things that I prefer about camper living over house living! That is 100% the grace of God in our lives! (Because you're curious... we don't have a washer or dryer, so laundry only takes one day. There is so much less space to clean! The whole house rocks when the kids get out of bed, so nobody is sneaking around at night!)

We have been traveling over the past few days and we were able to stop in Louisville, KY and Charlottesville, VA to visit dear college friends. We are SO THANKFUL for the safety we experienced - Thank you for your prayers! (We are longer than a semi trailer as we fly down the road. I'm so proud of my man, Jack, for his driving skills! I told him that he could move me to Africa as long as he NEVER makes me drive that truck hooked up to that trailer. He's taking that seriously!)

We're currently parked at my parents' farm in Virginia and my kids love being able to wake up early and walk to Mimi's breakfast table. We will be here for a few weeks and want to connect with as many people as possible!


We have been busy this month. Our to-do list has been lengthy and our schedule has been FULL of really good things. We've also been saying a lot of "good-byes". We left our church in Michigan, our CC group in Michigan, friends at Lake Ann, friends and family in Illinois, friends in Kentucky, and friends in Charlottesville.

I have had to train my mind in this.

Rather than feeling like I live nowhere, I choose to see that I get to live everywhere. Rather than feeling like I have no friends nearby, I choose to see that I have deep friendships all over the country. Yes, we are never in one place for long, but I am so thankful for the time we have.


Would you pray for us?

- I (Lindsay) am finding it hard to slow my mind down in order to meditate on Scripture. Daily life changes drastically from one day to the next and my mind races with all that needs to get accomplished. Would you pray that God would enable me to slow down and think clearly as I pray and read His Word?

- Pray that our time in Virginia would be fruitful, refreshing, and sweet.

- Pray that our team of partners would continue to grow! Pray that we will clearly articulate the need for Bible translation around the world and that people would jump on board!

- Jack will be preaching at Grace Bible Church on June 9. Pray for clarity of thought and wisdom as he prepares.

- Our kids are thriving! Thank you for praying for them!

We deepened some sweet friendships during our time in Normal!

The kids did too!

We are so thankful for the hospitality that we experienced in Illinois!

We spent sweet time with Jack's parents!

Our kiddos got lots of love from Grandma!

We stopped in Indianapolis for lunch with more of Jack's family!

Then we parked in the Fields' driveway for the weekend! What a blessing these friends from college are!

Jack and Jonathan were roommates in college and now they have six kids between them!

My grandparents and aunt stopped in to say hello! The camper is big enough for all of us to sit!

We had an overnight pit stop on our way from KY to VA... such fun memories!

Breakfast outside is the best part of camping! (Although would you just call it "living" for us?)

Then we stopped to see Kathy and her family! Goodness gracious, I'm so thankful for how God has blessed me with friends... even though they're SO spread out!

Ready for the LAST leg of this month's travels!

We're now at Mimi and G-Daddy's farm!

This farm has shaped me in so many ways. This is the barn where our wedding reception was held... it looks a bit different now!

And to top it all off, Lydia served us frozen custard today!

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