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On the Move Again

Our time in North Carolina is quickly drawing to a close. This week has a lot of moving parts, so the primary purpose of this post is to ask for your prayers as we hit the ground running.

Wrapping up our final week at JAARS for ICC!

First - We are so thankful for our time here at our Intercultural Communications Course.

The best way I can describe it is that I'm learning all about what I didn't know I didn't know.

God has truly made a diverse world, and each culture is unique with its own language and customs...but also with its own perspective on personal interaction and its own set of preconceptions about the world. This class has been all about identifying what those are in my own culture and learning how to understand and respect those that differ from mine. What a helpful perspective as we prepare for work in various other cultures!

This time next week we will be on the ground in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During our trip, we will get the opportunity to see a lot of the work that Be There Ministries has been doing in the city. I'm excited to see how God is using this ministry to impact the people and churches in this area. As part of this trip, a few of us are helping train some local pastors. My specific topic is about countering the prosperity gospel that is so prevalent in that culture. My task is to present a biblical case against the prosperity gospel in 3 1-hour sections of teaching (but really 30 minutes because I'll be speaking through a translator). We will be in Addis for about 8 days, so the time will be short and very full.

From there, we travel to Côte d'Ivoire for a quick visit to see some the translation work that is being done in that country. We've found out that we will get a chance to see some projects in the economic capital, Abidjan, and also some work that is being done in the villages. We only get 4 days there, so again - short time, full schedule!

So, how do we get there? What does our transition look like from Waxhaw, NC to Addis Ababa in less than a week!?

On Friday, our training ends at noon, at which point we hop right in the truck and head north to Lindsay's parents. They will keep our camper and our kids while Lindsay and I are on this trip. We expect to arrive late in the evening on Friday night. Saturday morning, we leave for Addis Ababa from Dulles International Airport! (And somewhere in there we need to pack.) We have 13 hours in the air and will land in Africa early in the morning (or late at night back home), so who knows what time we'll think it is or when we will have last slept.

First thing on the schedule in Africa? Preaching at a local church!

So, if you haven't noticed, we need your prayers. Here are some ways you can be praying specifically:

Pray that...

-we finish well at our course here in NC

-we get safely and quickly to VA on Friday

-we get the rest we need before our trip begins

-we travel safely to Africa on Saturday

-I will be ready to preach on Sunday morning (both that I prepare well and that I have the energy needed)

-we are an encouragement to the churches and ministries that we interact with while we are in Addis

-our trip to Côte d'Ivoire will give us a better understanding of the work that needs to be done and that it will give us a clearer picture of where we may end up assigned on the field

-we make our connection on our return trip (our layover is 25 minutes in Addis on the way home!)

-the kids have a great time at the farm in Virginia

-God will keep us from fear as we spend this time traveling and away from our kids

-we get home safely and get some rest...finally!

See you in Africa!

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