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Necessary Partnerships

If you haven't listened to Episode 3 of our Bible Translation Podcast yet, I suggest you do!

In that episode, I talked with the director of a translation office in the Central African Republic, or CAR. As we discussed the process of Bible translation, she helped us to focus in on the work that happens before the actual translating can begin. Many steps precede the actual translation work, from linguistics to training to the beginnings of Scripture engagement. We cannot do this alone. It takes a team of people and some strategic partnerships to make all of this happen, and Bible translation cannot succeed without it!

In particular, the translators in CAR work with a local translation organization called ACATBA, who take ownership of the projects and set the goals for the work being done in that country. It's a unique partnership, but it is absolutely vital for the work to be successful.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to listen to this conversation. The first couple episodes cover some of the technical aspects of the prep work, and Episode 3 really focuses on the partnerships with real people that make this all happen.

You can listen to this episode here: Bible Translation Podcast

You can also find this episode wherever you listen to podcasts! And if you have any questions about Bible translation that you'd like us to discuss, please let us know!

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