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My Heart Language

I’ve been working through this year’s Bible reading plan in a chronological NLT Bible, and I am seeing things I’ve never seen before. I’ve read through these exact books many times in other versions, but there is something about having Scripture written in the way that I pray, think, and dream.

As I read through the books of the law, I was blown away by the requirements and the consequences. The “rules”, written in very understandable words, were overwhelming as I thought about the people who lived under them. The hope of a once and for all sacrifice seemed almost impossible.

As I read through the historical books, following the story was easier than usual. The characters seemed more real to me and I understood more of the storyline. Because I was reading a chronological Bible, the Psalms were interspersed throughout the story of David’s life and I was able to read his prayers as he lived the story I was reading.

As I read through Proverbs, I felt sick to my stomach thinking of ways I’ve been foolish in the past and my heart ached for wisdom.

My heart has been connecting with the Scriptures in a way that is unique. I’ve been able to see the big picture story of the Bible more clearly, and my emotions have been engaged in ways that they haven’t before. If you haven’t read large portions of Scripture in the NLT, I’d recommend it!

(If you choose to read it, it’s important to understand that there are some historically debated verses that the NLT takes a stance on by the way they translate it for the sake of readability and understanding, so I believe that it’s helpful to have a variety of translations when seeking the original meaning and intent in any English translation of Scripture. Praise God that we have multiple translations to choose from... think of the 180 million people without a word of Scripture in their language!)

All of this is a reminder of what an exciting work we get to be a part of in Bible translation! We are so excited to bring God’s Word into the heart language of people in West and Central Africa in a way that will connect their hearts to the heart of their God. They, too, will see the story of Scripture unfold and see God’s character. They will feel sick to their stomach over their sin and see Christ as the once and for all sacrifice. God will use His Word to open their eyes, and we get to be a part of that!


Family Update:

Our wheels are rolling again this week! After an unexpectedly long and expectedly sweet time with my (Lindsay’s) parents, we’re heading northwest to Jack’s parents’ in Illinois. We’re looking forward to connecting with friends and family there! Again, we’re so thankful for the camper, allowing us to take our home with us when we go.

We love, love, love our church family here and we’ve been so encouraged by them - even though we haven’t seen them as much as we would have liked. Jack was able to preach in the parking lot this past weekend, and we were able to say some good-byes - tying up emotional and relational loose ends is really important to me.

Would you pray, as you already so faithfully do, for safety and health during travel? And, pray for wisdom as we parent our kids through the next season and transition. Thank you all so much!

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