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Midwest Travel Update!

“You’ll find that God started your PD yesterday.”

We were told this at the beginning of our "Partnership Development" season with Wycliffe. And, we’ve seen this to be true over and over!

This weekend, we finished up our five-week trip through Illinois and Michigan as a family. Our primary goal was to speak at churches and to present our Wycliffe ministry to small groups and friends. But, bonus, we got to see SO many of our favorite people!

We spent three weeks in Normal, Illinois. We parked our camper within biking distance to Jack’s parents’ house and were busy every night of the week! We then traveled through Ohio and Grand Rapids to get up to Traverse City, stopping for meals and hugs with friends and family along the way!

During our time in Traverse City, Jack was able to give an update to Harvest, the church that sent us off in our camper six months ago. We were overwhelmed in such a good way after our Sunday there.

The kids and I were able to spend two weeks with our Classical Conversations homeschool community. Play dates, coffee chats, and meals with families FILLED our schedule. Lucy, Titus, and Elias thrived – they are maneuvering these transitions so well, and I’m positive that it’s a result of all of the prayers you’ve offered! Thank you!


Lucy wrote a book this week, entitled The Story of the Campbells. The short and sweet story ended with this sentence: “Lucy, Titus, and Elias have friends all around the country.” This has been the theme of our travels: thanking God for the friendships He has given us all over the country!

When we first began this PD (partnership development) season, we were told, “You’ll find that God started your PD yesterday.” Meaning, the path has already been prepared for us to walk. God has already been working in the hearts and lives of the people in our path and it’s not because of us. And we have seen this play out in a myriad of ways.

It seems that when we are pouring all of our efforts into one specific place, the fruit comes from somewhere completely different.

We’ve had generous gifts from people we’ve never met or pursued.

We’ve been told of how God worked through our lives or story to encourage someone.

We’ve been able to spend time with people from college and past churches and jobs… and many of those people jumped on board with our team of partners!

It’s clear that God has been preparing the way for us. It’s also clear that it’s not because of us.


While at our training this summer, we were given an incredibly helpful illustration that I have since thought about so many times. The context was understanding God’s sovereignty and our role.

We are like an airplane mechanic. We definitely have a job to do and it’s an important one. We may be fixing valuable airplane parts or doing last-minute safety checks. But, in the end, even if we do all the right things and check every box, the plane may still crash for other reasons. In the same way, we could accidentally (or carelessly) overlook a problem during a safety check and the plane could still carry the pilot safely.

The end result is not controlled by the mechanic.

When I think of this season of our lives (building a team of prayer and financial partners), I see us as the airplane mechanic. We definitely have a job to do, and Jack and I are pouring our time and energy into doing our best at that job. However, the end result is not in our control.

We must see that God is sovereign and working, and we must rest in that.

This has been a constant reminder to my heart. It’s so good to remind myself that, though I have a job, God is the One building our team. God is the One who has provided us with “friends all over the country”. God is the One who will be glorified through our lives!


Praise God!

- Jack took and passed his GRE! (required for enrolling in an applied linguistics program at Dallas International University)

- After two long days of travel and one flat tire, we made it safely to Virginia this weekend!

- We're able to rest for a few days as we spend time parked in Virginia with little on the calendar.

- God is building our team of partners!

Pray with us!

- Our housing situation is up in the air for Dallas... specifically, we're looking for a place to park the camper since the RV park on campus we hoped to park in is no longer an option.

- Pray that our partnership team grows! We've been so encouraged, and still have a ways to go before we're able to start school in Dallas! (More updates to come!)

- Living in our camper has presented some opportunities to need the warranty... some minor repairs will need to take place soon.

- Pray that we would rest in God's sovereignty and be faithful to obey.

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