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Maybe Next Year!

This week is crunch time! We close on our house early next week and need to be moved into the camper before then.

We're in the messy midst of lots of projects right now, with hardly any time to think or sleep in between. Camper cabinets are being painted, curtains are being sewn, and the thrift store is filling up with our things.

Reinforcements have arrived in the form of precious friends who have put in hours of work, childcare, and encouragement. My parents and some siblings arrive on Wednesday and we're all excited about that!!

Our first stop will be Normal, Illinois. Our schedule moves quickly after that, so stay tuned!


In the mean time, I'm beginning to feel the reality of saying "goodbye" to my friends here. I cried all of my makeup off on Sunday morning at church. (I'm thankful for a safe place to be real! Thank you to friends who stopped to pray with me that morning!)

In this last minute push to see everyone and get everything done, I'm overwhelmed with how amazing our community is here. Church community, Classical Conversations community, and our neighbors.

It has caused me to ask the hard question... Why are we leaving this Christlike community that we desperately need? Why are we leaving such close and precious friends that know us and have seen us during highs and lows? Why are we choosing to move away from people who help us and encourage us?

If the Church is what God designed for His people on earth - for community, for teaching, for equipping, for prayer, for doing life together - then imagine what Heaven will be like. It will be the Church perfected. Community perfected. We will be so united and so focused on worshiping our Creator.

At the close of Easter last night, Jack helped me put into words what I've been trying to reconcile in my mind. Why are we leaving a good thing?

We are choosing to leave a temporary good community for the sake of enlarging the eternal perfect community in Heaven.

From what I've seen in Scripture, I'm convinced that we will get to Heaven and realize that perfect relationship with God and others in Heaven is what we were created for. It will all "click" (at least that's how I picture it). We will see that every truly good thing on earth was a shadow of what is to come. Every time a friend encourages me to look to Christ, every time a friend knows my heart and prays for me, every time a friend shows up just when I need them... those are glimpses of Heaven.

Jack and I are convinced that God is leading us and He's been abundantly clear about opening doors for us! It's been amazing to watch His faithfulness! We're also convinced that it's worth it.

So yes, for the moment, we will leave our good community here in Traverse City. But I know that we will have perfect community for eternity with these exact same precious people.

As we closed our Messianic Seder this week...

Maybe next year in the New Jerusalem! Come, Lord Jesus!

Kelli watched my kids for me during the hardest days of my life. She is so precious to me, and I'm so thankful for her!

Women's Conference!

Classical Conversations Christmas Party!

Our small group (minus one couple!) at our Messianic Seder this week.

These are the kiddos in my CC class (plus some sweet extra visitors that day)!

This one knows me. She was my small group leader when we first moved here.

Easter with friends!

Preschool Dream Team! I loved teaching the preschool class with Grace!

Love this friend!

I've been trying to be more intentional about taking pictures with my friends... there will be more to come!

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