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Looking Ahead

Hello again to all our friends and family that are continuing to partner with our Wycliffe ministry through consistent prayer, financial support, and such incredible encouragement!

We are often asked about our timeline and how things are progressing, so we want to give a little update about where we're at and the exciting ways God continues to lead our family through this journey.

Financial Update

We only need $985/month more to reach the ministry budget that Wycliffe has set for us! It feels so close! I can't explain to you how humbling and beautiful it is to see God's people be faithful and generous with the resources God has given them.

But we don't want to only focus on the needs that lie ahead. God has already provided so much in such unique ways. Through your generosity and the wise counsel of our supervisors at Wycliffe, we have been able to pay for our entire current semester of class, along with the entire semester's rent for our RV spot. We are in the process of applying to French language school, and we have been given more than enough to make the initial required payments.

God is good!

Any finances that come in help to pay for the fall semester and to prepare us for the move to France. The blessing of the camper is that, while we are in the US, we are able to cut our costs pretty significantly and prepare financially for the upcoming transitions.

Here's what is next!

I kind of glossed over it above, but we are applying to French school! It seems impossible that we are that close to moving to France and starting language training. In January 2021, we will move to Massy, France to begin studying at a school called Les Cèdres. We will be a short distance from Paris and will be wholly immersed in the language and culture we will be studying. We are so excited about this step! (And yes, we'd love for you to come visit us while we're there!) Everything here is contingent on being at 100% of our monthly ministry budget and having saved up enough for what Wycliffe refers to as our "Launch Expense".

Conversations are continuing to happen regarding our future assignment and location. The plan is to figure out these details while we are in France and are nearing our move to Africa. Sometimes it is hard not to know all the details, but this time has been really helpful for us to learn more about the needs in Africa and how we can best fit there. We're also learning about the things we should be looking for to make sure that I get the training and mentorship to do well at my future job.


Our time here at DIU has been so valuable. All of my professors have spent time on the field helping with translation projects. The practical application of my studies here is made so clear because these people have lived it and breathed it. How do languages of the world ask questions or make commands? What sounds do languages use to convey meaning? It's a big world with many languages, but we can see how we are being prepared for the task that lies ahead. We are surrounded by so much help and encouragement in this time of training.

Obligatory Coronavirus Update: Our school has switched to virtual classrooms for this week, and next week is spring break. As of now, we should be back in the normal flow of things by Monday, March 30. We are in quarantine here on the campus, which means continuing to homeschool and do everything together! Our quarantine has wheels, so we may just have to move our house to the woods to enjoy some fresh air for a while.

We love you all and are thankful for you!


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