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La Fête de Noël

It has been a fun weekend here in Switzerland as the kids have been taking part in various celebrations for the Christmas holiday. And these programs are completely in French which has been a great glimpse for us into how the kids' French levels are coming along (they're doing great!).

Sunday was the kids' Christmas program at church! There was a little play with some songs sung by the kids scattered throughout. As they were preparing for this over the last few weeks, one of Titus' teachers approached us and said that he had volunteered to sing a duet for the program and she wanted to know if we were ok with that. Of course, we were! What a great way to dive right in!

So, we've been practicing all month and he did so great! Here's the video of him singing in French! Lucy's singing in this choir, too.

And here's Elias with his class:

Monday evening, the kids all sang with their classes from school. They set up in different areas around their school campus and the parents toured around to see all the classes sing. It was so great, and, of course, all in French.

The kids don't get as much formal French training as we do, but these kinds of experiences have been so good for learning the language and getting them comfortable with saying the words. It's really fun to see them in their school and church elements. When they're at home it's hard for them to try to speak French, but when they switch domains of life (school, church, home), they seem to slide right into a different way of thinking and speaking. This is something we study in linguistics, but it's really fun to see it firsthand with my kids.

Lindsay just started her second book of B1, and I'm about halfway through B2, so things are moving right along for us too! It's amazing the joy that comes from little victories in language use. I was borrowing a car when it got a nail in the tire. I took it to the shop and navigated the whole process all in French. The mechanic has no idea how excited I was to be able to talk to him!

We get a couple of weeks off for the holidays, which is a very welcome break. (Our first since we arrived.) As I write this on Monday night, my parents are on their way to Switzerland! We are so excited to show them our life here and explore a little more of this area with them. It's hard being far away from family, but it makes it extra special when we get to see them.

We're thankful for your continued prayers. Please pray that:

  • Things will go smoothly with the covid testing and flights for my parents' trip. They are still waiting to hear about my dad's results at the moment.

  • We will stay healthy throughout this holiday season.

  • The kids will build strong relationships at school. They have experienced the difficulty of a language barrier firsthand and it has not always been easy. Pray that they will learn the language well and be able to strengthen the friendships that God has already provided.

  • We can be a witness and light in our language school. It is not a Christian school and there are many opportunities to talk about all aspects of life. Pray that we will be bold in our proclamation of the gospel, even as we navigate it in a different language!

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