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How Do You Know It's True?

The Fulani people in western and central Africa believe that anything spoken in their mother tongue, Fulde, is truth. Anything not spoken in their language cannot be trusted.

While shopping at the market, the Fulani barter in Hausa, the wider language of the area. They barter back and forth until they come to their final price. Only then do they state the price in Fulde. This stops the bartering because the price was set, simply because of the language used to express it.

We had dinner with a sweet couple in Orlando and we were so encouraged by their stories. During their years in Nigeria, Rick and Sharnel saw God's Word transform lives and saw King Jesus prevail over the evil spirits and false gods that the people were worshipping. Rick and Sharnel were very involved with the Fulani people and told us the story of receiving Scripture in Fulde.

The Bible had already been translated into Hausa, and the Fulani people had heard it. They had even heard the Gospel preached in Hausa. The problem was, because of the language, they couldn't trust it and thought it was a lie. However, as soon as they heard God's Word in their own language, they saw the truth. All of sudden, they had Scripture speaking truth into their hearts, challenging their beliefs.

They had no choice but to consider its truthfulness. Many of them were saved and became a part of God's family because of the faithfulness of God through Bible translation! What a joy!

Jack and I with Sharnel and Rick Smith, missionaries to Nigeria AND parents of one of our besties, Bobby!


As I type this, we are on our way to our next training, Intercultural Communications, in NC. We've had homework assignments leading up to this month-long training, and we are truly looking forward to learning what it means to serve cross-culturally. We are especially excited since we will be headed to Ethiopia literally the day after this training ends... we will hit the ground running!

Would you pray for us over the next few weeks? For so many things...

- Calm and open hearts to what we're going to be learning

- Wisdom as we parent AND do all of our other responsibilities

- Godly friendships for our kiddos, especially

- Preparations for our trip to Ethiopia and Côte d'Ivoire

And, YAY! My updated passport arrived!



Due to the intense schedule of this next training and our upcoming international trip, we may not be able to update our blog as often as we have in the past. BUT, we'll be sure to post on our Facebook and Instagram to give quick updates. We'll get back into our groove as quickly as we can! We are expecting God to do amazing things, especially in the next few months, and we're so excited to walk through that with you all!

Love from,

the Campbells

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