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Updated: Mar 7, 2019

To say that the last few months have been completely unexpected would be a huge understatement.

So here's where we are now:

Our family has recently been accepted to work with Wycliffe Bible Translators, helping bring the Bible to people and languages that don't currently have it. After much prayer and a lot of taking in information, we have been invited to work in what is known as "Francophone Africa," which is just the French-speaking areas of Africa--primarily Western and Central Africa.

We truly believe God is calling us to the need that is in Africa, and from there, the conversation went something like this:

Africa Placement: Are you willing to learn French?

Jack and Lindsay: Yes.

AP: Good. Because if you weren't, my first job would be to convince you to learn French. That is where our greatest need is. we're heading to French-speaking Africa!

And we have seen God's leading in such unique and cool ways. I know it's hard to say whether every open door is a sign from God, but it is still encouraging to see doors open and for God to be fueling a desire in our hearts for a specific work. It definitely gives a feeling of assurance as we move forward in all of this process. We've seen it in small things like when Lindsay and I are so easily on the same page about location and schooling options and timeline. And we've seen it in big things like a job being placed in my lap that covers all of our expenses for right now. Or when we found out that we would have to pay off our debt before we could begin the application process, a single donor offered to pay it off for us. Or just the fact that our house has increased in value by 25% in just a year and half!

I am distinctly aware that God is being so much kinder to us than He needs to be or we deserve, and it is a little overwhelming. God is SO good!

So what's next?

A lot needs to happen before we land in Africa, but we want to know for sure that we are adequately trained and prepared for the ministry God is calling us to when we get there. The three parts of our preparation are Support Raising, Linguistics Training, and Language School.

1. Support: Missions is a team effort and we can't do this alone. We need friends, family, and local churches here in the States to partner with us as we head out on this mission. If you're interested in supporting us through prayer, finances, or any other way, you can find all the information you need under that "Join Us" tab here on our website.

2. Training: A main Wycliffe partner organization, called SIL, oversees all the linguistics training that I will need to be able to join a translation team. Once we have raised our support, I will begin my training at Dallas International University. There is a year-long set of courses that is designed to fully equip me for my position in translation.

3. Language: The final stop on the path to Africa is our French Language School. French is the language that will open the door to the area that we are headed. Other local languages will come up as well, but French is the language that these countries have in common, so that's the first step. This requires a year in France, where Lindsay and I will attend language school and the kids will go to a French-speaking school.

A lot has happened and more is about to come. We're moving into a camper. We have trainings coming up in both Florida and North Carolina. Our whole world is changing, and we'll tell you all about it as we go. But for now, we truly covet your prayers in the coming months.

Please pray that:

-Our house sells and we can be free for the upcoming trainings this summer

-The kids will adjust well to all the changes and that we will parent well through it

-Our support will come in quickly so that nothing holds up the timeline to get to Africa

-The politics in the areas we are headed to stabilize and we can narrow down a specific language group that we will be able to work with

We are an open book, so if you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch!

For the mission of Christ to the nations,


Romans 10:17

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