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Financial Update

Let me start this post off by saying, “The Lord is good!”

As a missionary, especially in the early stages, raising the funds necessary to move overseas and to serve in ministry can be incredibly overwhelming and, at times, all-consuming. Our first almost two years were spent developing a team of partners that would be willing to come behind us on this journey and support us in various ways. Partnerships like this include praying for us on a regular basis, finding ways to encourage us or our families, and partnering financially to help us get on the field. (If you’re curious about why we are intentional to use the word “partner” for this, you can read about it here.)

And God quickly provided all the partners that we needed to be able to continue our journey and move to Switzerland. But it doesn’t stop there! And you didn’t stop there! The Lord has continued to provide generously through you for all our needs.

And so, primarily as a way to say “thank you” and to share with you the joy of being on the receiving end of such incredible generosity, we wanted to share a brief financial update.

Let’s start with the simple part. The blue line represents the monthly ministry budget that has been assigned to us by Wycliffe. You’ll notice that it rises slightly in the middle. This budget is adjusted annually to account for things like health insurance premiums and cost-of-living increases. The goal is that, by adjusting it a little bit each year, we don’t find ourselves 10 years down the road with a significant gap between our expenses and our income.

The green line represents the actual monthly income that we received through Wycliffe each month last year! It has been truly humbling to see your generosity and kindness to us. In total, we received 119% of our ministry budget in 2021.

You may be wondering why it fluctuates so much. The first reason is that, while most partners give monthly, several partners give on an annual or quarterly basis. So, the “actual income” gets a little skewed by that fact, but we track those things on an annual basis to make sure that we are budgeting and accounting for the appropriate amount.

The second reason is that we continue to receive extra gifts from many of you. While those can’t be applied to our ministry budget due to their irregularity, they are truly helpful and have often come at very timely moments. We had a large gift come in right around the time we needed to buy our plane tickets to Abidjan. What a blessing! We had budgeted to buy them, of course, but things like this just help make it a lot easier to make those big, necessary purchases.

So, what happens when we receive more than our budgeted amount in a month? First, we are actually able to receive up to 110% of our budget every month. This helps with any unforeseen costs that may come up or just gives us a little more for each line of the budget. In our case, this has allowed us to save more on those months. Our move to Abidjan will come with many little costs and we want to be as prepared for those as possible.

After the extra 10%, anything given to our Wycliffe ministry goes into a Reserve Account. The primary reason for this is to save up for those times when our income doesn’t meet our budget. For instance, when we receive quarterly gifts, those months can go above our 110%. But the next month, we are often a little below our budget. The Reserve Account helps spread those out more evenly. And of course, it makes our personal budgeting a lot easier to not have as much fluctuation as you see in the chart.

When we look at charts like this, it makes us so thankful for all of you! We are reminded frequently that we could not do this without a team of partners making this possible.

So…Thank you!

(You may notice that we are intentionally a bit vague about financial details on our public platforms, but if you have any questions or want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask!)

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