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FAQ on Camper Life

We've been living in our camper full-time for six months this week! And we. love. it.

Every once in a while, I'll finish a statement with, "... and for that reason, I think I prefer camper living to house living." Jack jumps all over that and wants to write down every time I gush over camper life!

So, I'd love to answer a few frequently asked questions...

What did you do with all of your stuff?

We sold or donated almost all of it. We kept what we need in the camper and what I wanted to make our home feel like home. We have a small storage unit in Virginia for off-season clothes, memories, and some things we'll take to Africa with us.

What does school look like?

We affectionately call it "road-schooling". One of the best parts of camper living in this season of life is the consistency of home amidst the ever-changing schedule and scenery. So, no matter where in the country we are, we have everything we need to do school in the camper. Two whole cabinets are devoted to school supplies.. and that's prime real estate!

What's the craziest thing that made it into the camper?

We spent a lot of time deciding what "makes the cut" and we've been asked this question over and over. Of course, from my perspective, nothing is crazy. But, some people tell me the laminator got too much space in the dinette storage bench. Some people have hinted that the GIANT basket of teas, which takes up a quarter of the kitchen cabinet, is a bit excessive. I'm not concerned about either of those things... one of my favorite pastimes is to sip tea and laminate things! Jack's big ticket items are board games. One whole bench of the dinette storage is just games. Again, worth it!

What about laundry?

Okay, this was my biggest concern about full-time camper life. But honestly, it has been not a big deal at all. Every training that we've parked at has had a laundry room close by, and we have been able to do laundry at our parents' houses. What I LOVE about having to take laundry somewhere? It all gets done on one day and then it's done. I used to feel like I did laundry constantly... now I only do it on some days. And, I'm forced to actually put it away so that we can walk through the camper or sit at the table. There simply isn't space to put clutter!

Do you have a shower? A/C? Heat? Fridge?


How did you make it feel like home?

We painted the cabinets (with the help of INCREDIBLE friends), hung a new backsplash, added pictures and strategically placed house plants. We only needed to do cosmetic touches, which was a huge blessing! Jack added a fireplace and mantle so that we can heat with electricity and not use our propane all the time. The kids got to pick out the fabric for their curtains and they got to decide how the walls around their beds are decorated. That is their special space. They also each chose one "genre" of toy to keep. Lucy kept dolls, Titus kept matchbox cars, Elias kept dress-up clothes, and Jack kept Legos. I guess you could say I kept the laminator?

Don't you feel cooped up?

Surprisingly, not usually. We're on-the-go so much that we love the time we get to spend in the camper. It does get a little loud and crazy sometimes, though!

How do you cook?

Because of the generosity of the people around us in any given place, we rarely need to cook meals. We always make breakfast with our cast iron skillets and three-burner gas stove. The oven is ridiculous, so I use it as another storage cabinet! Otherwise, the crock pot and Instant Pot are my friends.

What has been the most surprising thing about camper life?

Lindsay: It surprises me how messy it can get so quickly! Looking back, I had thought that because we had less stuff that we would have less mess. Negative. But the up-side is that clean-up is quick! And I only have one bathroom to clean and I can sweep the whole house in less than a minute!

Jack: It feels so normal. Anyone could do this.

This was our set-up at our Intercultural Communications Course in Waxhaw, NC. We lived in this RV spot for almost 6 weeks!

What's your favorite part of living in a camper?

Lindsay: I can clean it SO quickly.

Jack: Mobility and consistency. We get to sleep in our same beds every night, no matter where we are in the country.

Kids: Our bunk beds!

What do you miss most about living in a house?

Lindsay: Sitting on a comfy couch

Jack: Unlimited water and power usage (This took time to figure out!)

Kids: (they couldn't think of anything)

This was a really fun pit-stop in the middle of a drive from SC to FL. When we bring our bikes wherever we go, they're always handy for a bike ride!

Camper specs?

It's a travel trailer. We pull it with our diesel Excursion (7.3L, for those who care).

- 33 feet long (plus our truck and bike rack = 56 feet long on the highway)

- 8,000 pounds... give or take

- 11 feet, 1 inch tall... and yes, that has caused some detours

We would love to give you a tour when we're in your area! Perhaps a cup of tea and a board game are in order!

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