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On the Road Again!

We finished up a great summer in Illinois and are taking our time on our way through Michigan.

We are so thankful for our family and friends in Illinois and at Calvary. Last week was emotionally heavy as we said tearful goodbyes over and over.

Lucy keeps telling people, “I’ll be 11 when we come back again!”... and I have a tiny heart attack each time.

I asked the kids, “What are some special things you get to do only in Illinois?”

Their answers included... being with Grandma and Grandpa, riding bikes everywhere and to Uptown Normal, going to friends’ houses, swimming, and watching fireworks at the Acres on the 4th of July!

Now, a few days into our travel, we’ve been able to spend time with my (Lindsay’s) grandparents and other family in the area. I am so thankful for extended family that loves the Lord, prays for us daily, and is so supportive of us in our obedience to God.


Each morning, Jack spends 3-4 hours on Zoom for his classes at Dallas International University. It has been a bit challenging to find a quiet space with good internet at each place we park, but it’s working so far! I continue to be impressed by my 4.0 linguist husband who somehow has the brain cells to complete masters level homework in the midst of travel and camper life. As his wife, it is AMAZING to watch Jack doing something that he loves and is so good at. He regularly explains some complex grammar or phonetic concept from a foreign minority language and then says excitedly, “Can you believe this is my job?!?”

Oh, and no big deal, but he’s also found time to run at least a mile every day in the year 2020. (Often, he runs in the dark after the kids go to bed. Once, while we were in Florida for a missions conference, he ran a mile just before midnight and then waited a few minutes and ran another mile after midnight... which was really good because that was the day our truck broke down at 3am in Louisiana as we tried to drive through the night to get to class in Dallas the next morning. Remember that story?)


We’d really appreciate your prayers, especially as we get closer and closer to departure. We’re currently waiting for the kids’ passports to come in the mail and once we have those, we will start the visa process. That will involve an interview at the French consulate. And then, of course, we have a whole schedule of appointments in Virginia... doctors, dentists, eye doctors, DMV... the list goes on!

We’re learning more and more about what our time in France will look like - including details about our kids’ schools and our daily schedule. The language school that Jack and I will attend has been so helpful in figuring out all the details!

And, as always, would you continue to pray that God would prepare our hearts for departure and prepare friends for us when we get there. The kids are holding up really well so far, and we’re feeling all the emotions together as we leave each place for the last time... until Lucy is 11!

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