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Family Update!

So much has changed in our lives over the past year, it's almost unbelievable. If you've missed any of our previous blog posts, be sure to go back and read them!

Where we've been...

In April, we picked up our new camper and made it our home. We parked it in our driveway and drastically downsized our things. Our house emptied and the thrift shop down the street filled up! At the end of April, we sold our house (huge answer to prayer!) and moved into our camper.

In May, we left Michigan and spent a few weeks in Normal, Illinois with Jack's parents and our friends at their church.

In June, we spent a few weeks in Virginia with my (Lindsay's) parents and church. We also drove down to Orlando with our home on wheels to attend Equip. That was Wycliffe Bible Translator's orientation training for all Wycliffe members. There, Jack and I learned the history of Wycliffe and how to share the need for Bible translation. We learned how to build our team of prayer and financial partners. We practiced our testimony and call to missions a lot, and it has been so helpful! We also learned the nitty-gritty details about Wycliffe's computer programs, keeping track of money, insurance... those sorts of things.

In July, we drove up to Waxhaw, North Carolina. There, we completed our Intercultural Communications Course (ICC). This five week training was so helpful. Our eyes were opened to cultural differences that we will encounter and what questions to ask when we get there. We wrestled with the sovereignty of God when hard things happen and were so encouraged by our classmates who are right where we are. It's such a joy to be part of a worldwide team to spread the Gospel!

In August, we made a quick switch between ICC and Ethiopia! Jack and I dropped the kids off with my parents and flew to Africa, our minds fresh and ready to see what humility and service look like in other cultures. After a week in Ethiopia, we flew to Ivory Coast to spend a few days visiting with the SIL translation team in Abidjan.

That brings us to September!

Where we're headed...

We are in Virginia now and are enjoying a deep breath before we pack up and roll again! We love being with the people at Grace Bible Church and have enjoyed jumping into life there! I am homeschooling our kids and have found a sweet Classical Conversations group to be part of while we're here. During our time in Virginia this month, Jack has taken two trips out of state and spoken at various church events and a Christian school's chapel.

Jack took Titus with him to speak at a church in Florida. Titus LOVED it! Jack has taught Titus how to do some of the illustrations he uses to share about the need for Bible translation. It was a sweet time for just the two of them. Jack took Lucy with him to speak at a church in North Carolina, and she loved it too! I'm so thankful that Jack is a Daddy who loves to pour into our kids!

October will bring more travels! We will pack up and drive back up to Normal, Illinois! Near the end of October, we will arrive in Northern Michigan for a few weeks. We'd love to spend time with YOU while we're up north!

Then, we'll be back in Virginia for GBC's missions conference in November.

We are so thankful for our friends and family that have been SO encouraging to us. We have so many faithfully praying for us and contributing financially. What a blessing!

I was nervous as we entered this season of PD (Partnership Development), as asking for money is way out of my comfort zone. But, God has been so faithful to my heart.

In so many ways, God has given us everything we need.

Our finances have been sufficient to cover our needs during this in-between time. God has given us an abundance of opportunities to talk about Bible translation! God has given us boldness and used our children to spark conversations, especially among strangers.

God is building our team of partners and it is a JOY to do our part and watch God work!


We are currently at 37% of the monthly financial budget assigned by Wycliffe!

Starting in January, we are planning and praying to be at Dallas International University. Jack will study two semesters of Applied Linguistics there. The kids and I will homeschool in the camper and make new friends in Texas!

Because Jack will be a full time masters level student while we are in Dallas, he won't have time to travel and speak at churches as much as he does now. Because of this, Wycliffe advises that we be 100% of our regular, recurring financial partnership before we start school. This includes money that has been promised, but not yet coming in.

We have a big job to do in the next few months, but the Lord is carrying the weight for us. We are so convinced that this is what God wants us to be doing and have been able to rest and wait on the Lord. Daily reminders of God's faithfulness and sovereignty have been a vital part of our lives, and I'm so thankful for a season of life that reveals our need for Him.


Would you pray with and for us?

Pray for our kids.

- Pray that God would provide Godly friends at each of the places we park.

- Pray that their hearts will love God more and more every day and pray that they see Christ in us as we disciple and train them.

- We are SO thankful for God's working in Lucy's life, as she was baptized this month! Pray for her continued growth in the Lord!

Pray for us.

- Pray for our marriage.

- Pray that we would have wisdom in parenting our kiddos.

- Pray for safety in all of our travels.

- Pray that God would increase our faith and passion for His work.

Pray for our Partnership Development.

- We are so thankful for our friends and family who have already joined the team!

- Pray that God would provide our remaining needs so that we can start DIU in January.

- Specifically, pray for our trip to Illinois and Michigan, as Jack will be speaking many times and we will be presenting our Wycliffe ministry to many people.

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