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Family Life Update

All of our plans are moving forward, and it is so exciting to see pieces falling into place! We’ve enrolled in the school in Switzerland, which must take place before the visa application. The process for a visa in Switzerland is much simpler than France was, so we’re really thankful for that. Our plan is still to begin studying French with the books sent to us from the school in June, then jump into classes in person when our housing opens up in August. Our kids will also be able to begin a new school year at the beginning, which we’re so thankful for! Every few days, another chain of emails circulates that solidifies a few more details of our future lives.

In the meantime, we’re still studying French on our own as a family and making it really fun for the kids. And of course, we’re getting really involved with farm chores while we’re in Virginia!

This week, we’d love to share a little snippet of what our lives look like these days...

Elias is almost five and loves everything about superheroes. He is learning his letters and numbers, and he constantly amazes me with what he knows! He loves having books read to him, and it has been precious to watch him be the “big kid” when our little nephews are around. A few nights ago, a wasp stung him and he cried because it hurt. We found the wasp on his bedroom floor and killed it... then Elias started crying harder, “Don’t kill him! He just painted me red with a poky paintbrush! He just wanted to be a painter!!” Sweet boy, he loves all living things.

Titus turned seven this month! We had a small celebration where G-Daddy hooked up a projector in the hayloft so Titus could play giant Mario Kart on the barn wall with his little buddies from church. Titus was also baptized on his birthday weekend, and we are so thankful for the way God has been working in his heart! What joy! Titus and I had a special donut date a few weeks ago and met a man who is deaf and whose heart language is American Sign Language. My sweet Titus worked so hard to communicate with him and learn his language. They signed (and showed pictures) to talk about fishing, campers, and horses. I took ASL in high school and college, so I was able to sign a bit, and I was so proud of Titus and the way he thinks about people and language.

Lucy has been an enormous help to Mimi and me as we babysit little nephews almost every day. Lucy is patient with them and so reliable! She has begun serving at church with the littles, and I’m so proud of her. She is also an amazing help with Elias while we’re getting school done. She loves FaceTiming her friends and cousins from all over the country, and she is a precious friend to me these days. We’ve been studying our Bibles together and having some sweet conversations.

I am loving homeschooling more and more each day! I love the flexibility it offers for our family and the way that I am able to adapt the lessons for exactly what each kid needs, but even more than that, I love the relationship opportunities I have with them every day. We regularly babysit little cousins, and we’re so thankful for our extra time with them! We’re living on my parents’ farm and we’ve had some fencing failures that have resulted in cows meandering down the road... so we’re all working to put up new fences this week.

Jack is wrapping up his semester of linguistic classes, and is currently writing a twenty-page paper on the tone analysis of the Chumburung language in Ghana. It is the BEST to see my husband doing what he loves and exactly what God has called and equipped him to do. He has connected with his future linguistics supervisor in Côte d’Ivoire and is able to be more specific in his studies so as to best prepare for work overseas. He has also been busy working on the podcast!

Episode 6 of the podcast is up and it’s a good one! Jack interviews two people who work in the “pre-publication” phase of translation. Meaning, once the final draft of the translation is complete, there are formatting and consistency checks that must be done, as well as spelling checks and illustrations. These are the vital details that rarely get the spotlight. Check it out!

Thank you all so much for faithfully praying for us and encouraging us. Truly, it’s incredible!

Please continue to pray for all of the details that must fall into place between now and our arrival in Switzerland in August. This includes visa paperwork, health, and wisdom in decision making.

Pray for Jack as he wraps up his semester in the next few weeks.

Pray for us as we shepherd our kids and prepare (again) for transition.

We’re so thankful for the way God has taken care of us every single day. He continues to provide what we need - emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, relationally... You all are precious to us!

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