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Eternal Community

We’ve been having such a sweet time with our Calvary family in Illinois! We’ve been able to jump right back in - with play dates, Bible studies, and church services. We’re also a few weeks into our homeschool year already! This year will be very unique for our kids, as they’ll be finishing this school year at a public school in France... in French. It’s getting more and more real every day!

I’m reading a book called Raising Up a Generation of Healthy Third Culture Kids by Lauren Wells, and it is so good. The author grew up as an MK and has seen the best and worst of how living cross-culturally during childhood can affect kids. She has written this book primarily for young families not yet on the field, and it’s full of preventative measures we can be implementing in our family now to give our kids the best chance possible to be able to process and navigate transition in a healthy way. I’m learning how to talk my kids through big emotions. I’m gaining really practical tips for how to leave well, and also how to arrive well in a new place.

Many of the strategies have been introduced to us through our training with Wycliffe also, so we’ve been able to implement some already. It has been so good for my heart, too.

Have you noticed that we take a lot of pictures, especially group selfies? That’s so intentional, and we treasure those pictures.

You may not have seen it, but we cry a lot when we leave a place. That’s also intentional. Leaving is really hard, and we’re learning to feel the weight of leaving relationships that are precious to us without becoming afraid to make new friendships (that we’ll also have to leave eventually).

We’re endeavoring to make the most of our time in each place that we park, and it’s always so worth the effort.

Over a year ago, when we first left Michigan, I wrote a blog post about leaving. I found myself asking the question, “If community is so important, why are we leaving a community that we love? Will it be worth it?” Through long conversations with Jack and time spent in the Word, the Lord gave me the answer. And I’ve thought about that a lot since... We’re choosing to leave a temporary community that we love for the sake of enlarging the permanent eternal community in Heaven.

And when I think about it that way, my whole perspective shifts. We’ve left temporary communities that we love all over the country - Michigan, Virginia, Illinois, Texas, Wycliffe trainings - knowing that they will ALL be a part of the eternal community that we are working together to enlarge in Heaven! It overwhelms my soul in such a good way to think about that! When we get to Heaven, I’m sure we’ll finally realize how temporary this life was and how eternal Heaven is.

And think of how many more people will be there worshiping as a result of YOU providing the means for US to GO! Can you see my West African friends that I have yet to meet worshiping Jesus in their heart language right next to all of us - our Michigan, Virginia, Illinois, Texas, and Wycliffe communities?

Goodness! It just makes me so excited and ready to GO!!

God is so faithful to shape my heart and desires and I’m so thankful for that. It’s my prayer that He continues to align my desires to His, through every good-bye and transition.


(But in the mean time, we’re parked in Illinois for a few more weeks! So, let’s get together!)

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