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e·quip /əˈkwip/

verb gerund or present participle: equipping supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose.


While we were in Ethiopia this summer, we visited the SIL office in Addis Ababa to learn more about the translation work going on in the country. We were warmly welcomed by various expat missionaries and by the Ethiopian staff at the office.

On the far left is the SIL Ethiopia director, Yonatan. On the far right is the missionary, Andy Iverson, that went out of his way to show us around and answer our questions!

While there, we were able to sit in on the closing ceremony of a two-week training course that had just wrapped up. Translators from various projects, along with their translation consultant in some cases, learned how to build and maintain a website to allow their people to access the Scripture that has already been translated. They worked together for two weeks to design a website that included print and audio versions of their Scriptures, The Jesus Film in their language, and pictures of their culture if they chose.

This way, anyone in their community with access to technology can access all the resources. The Mother Tongue Translators have also gained valuable skills in website design and will be able to update their websites as more books of the Bible or audio clips become available.

I loved watching Ethiopians receive the tools they need to serve their community!

I’m convinced that this is the best way we can help spread the Gospel overseas.

Would you like to see their work?

Check out their websites! On each one, there is a button in the top right corner to translate the page into English, or Amharic, if that's your heart language!

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