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Day of Prayer

This weekend, we had a really fun opportunity to connect with members of Wycliffe Switzerland!

Wycliffe has separate organizations that represent many different countries around the world. These separate "Wycliffes" work together through a global alliance to partner in many different ways. (If you want to hear a fuller explanation of how these partnerships work, you can listen to the Wycliffe USA President, John Chesnut, explain it in one of our podcast episodes!)

Wycliffe Switzerland hosted a Day of Prayer in the city of Bienne, and we were able to attend. This gave us a wonderful opportunity to pray for Swiss missionaries that are being called to the mission field. Some of them are just getting started and others are wrapping up training before they enter their full-time assignment. It was such a blessing to pray for them and an extra bonus that we completely resonate with their position in life right now!

Ryan was able to give a testimony while we were there!

Cedric works for Wycliffe Switzerland and his wife Murielle is one of our teachers!

Throughout the afternoon, we rotated around the room and prayed for different aspects of their lives. They even prayed for us and the Goodlins! We wanted to share some ways that we prayed for them and at the same time ask that you would pray for us in many of the same ways.


We spent time praying for those that are in training or still developing a team of partners that will give and pray for them along this journey. We were remarking that we feel so blessed by the team that is partnering with us (all of you)! So many of you have encouraged us as we've been exactly where these new missionaries are. A year ago, we thought we would still be going to France and that we would be moving in January, but all that has changed. And we truly could not have done this alone. So, thank you for the prayer and for all the ways you have found to encourage us! It is such a blessing.

There are still days that are hard, though. Please continue to pray for us as we learn French. It feels like riding waves up and down. One day we feel so good about our growth in the language and the next we question whether we will ever understand it! But we know this is normal. We thank God for those times that we feel strong in our language. And we thank Him for those people that He has put in our lives during those times where we are struggling. We could not do this alone!


There's no doubt that there are mountains to climb as we all follow Christ. We prayed specifically for these new missionaries that were facing a level of funds to raise that seemed impossible. We prayed for those that are in school and learning new languages.

But if we've learned anything in this process, it's that God always provides. We are overwhelmed when we think about times when we stood in the shadow of looming obstacles, wondering how we would ever be on the other side. But now we are past those! I think of raising funds for our Wycliffe ministry. I think of trying to figure out housing for our time in Dallas. I think of selling our house when we first started. God is faithful and He is filling our lives with opportunities to share of His abundant provision and generosity.

Please continue to pray for obstacles that lie ahead for us. Language learning is obviously the largest step in front of us, but we are enjoying it immensely and we are seeing progress. But we know that other challenges will come, too. Please be praying that we will face them with joy and that we will be reminded of His past provision in those times.

New People

The focus of our prayer time this weekend was on those people that are on the front end of their missionary work with Wycliffe. It is an exciting thing to see new people being raised up and trained!

Would you pray that even more people would join the work of Bible translation? Maybe you would consider joining! I don't pray that every person would do what we're doing but I pray that those whom God calls to this work will be faithful to that call.


Bible translation is all about partnerships! We partner with people like Wycliffe Switzerland and with translation organizations on the ground in Africa. We partner with people like you who have committed to giving or praying for us as we go. It is a joy to see how large the body of Christ is and how we can work together toward the goal of giving people the Bible in their own language. Many of the people we prayed for at this event are in the process of growing their team of partners before they go to the mission field.

Please pray for these partnerships. They are critical in the success of Bible translation projects and they involve a lot of people. Pray that people would continue to pray for and give to the work that is happening. Praise the Lord for how many people, including so many of you, are partnering together in Bible translation around the world!

After the event, we were invited to have dinner with a Wycliffe couple that has been working for many years in Francophone Africa. We shared a meal of crêpes and heard about the ways God has been moving in the lives of national translators and communities in West Africa. They currently work remotely from Switzerland and travel to language projects frequently. What an encouragement to fellowship with people that have been on the field and share our excitement that we will be there soon!

And bonus...while in Bienne, we also had the opportunity to visit some watch museums with the kids! Swiss watches have an amazing reputation and are a source of pride for the Swiss people here. It was fun to learn a little more about that.

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