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On Sunday, our sending church officially commissioned us to the mission field!

This was such a special time for us because we have been connected to this church for so long...well before we knew we would be headed to the mission field.

I was first hired to oversee the youth and children's ministries back in 2012. In fact, my first day at work was a week before Lucy's due date! The first time I taught in youth group, I had to leave right away to pick her up from the hospital. (This was a crazy time in our life).

After two and a half years here, God called us up to Michigan, where we worked at a camp and at another local church up in that same area. But, we always maintained a great relationship with the church and so many of the people here. It felt like "coming home" when we joined Wycliffe and Grace Bible Church agreed to be our sending church. They have partnered with us generously through finances and prayer and such great encouragement!

And now they have officially commissioned us for our ministry with Wycliffe Bible Translators! We are honored to be sent out by this church, which has meant so much to us for almost 10 years.

The service was such a special send-off. They prayed over us, encouraged us, and praised God with us. At one point, Lindsay leaned over to me and mentioned that this is one of the last times we will worship corporately in English for a while. We treasure these times in our hearts.

Here are some pictures from the service as well as a link to the video:

Some dear friends prayed over us

The choir that we were a part of sang one last song for us

The church chalkboard had a picture of us on our way to Switzerland!

Here's the video of our commissioning service if you'd like to watch. The actual commissioning part starts at 39:33.

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