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Christmas Around the World

Hello sweet friends!

I wanted to write a quick note to share a free Christmas resource with you all - especially friends with kids and grandkids! Wycliffe Bible Translators has an ever-growing collection of resources for kids - books, recipes, videos, and even Sunday School and VBS curriculum.

There is one resource in particular that I'm really excited to start with my kids next week!

Kate and Mack's 12 Days of Christmas

In this downloadable pdf, you'll find information about twelve different countries around the world and the things they do to celebrate Christmas. There are recipes, crafts, and coloring pages OR you can just read about the traditions. So, so simple.

Join us as our family learns about Christmas traditions around the world!


Family Update!

OUR PASSPORTS ARRIVED!!! Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement! We'll keep you updated as we know more!

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