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Christ be Magnified

Every morning as I'm cooking breakfast, I turn on music for my boys to wake up to. (Lucy is always, always - since the day she was born - awake before me. Usually when I get up shortly after 6am, she's already dressed and has her backpack packed. Sometimes, she's even packed snacks for herself and her brothers! Once she even had her coat on already. Sweet girl REALLY doesn't want to be late for school!)

This particular song has been the one I start with because I love how it starts slow and builds up... but also because I LOVE the lyrics.

Et voilà... the song that I'm using the memorize the Lord's Prayer in French.

Since becoming a language learner in a country not my own, I have found that my mental threshold is lower. Meaning, there is already so much input into my brain in a day that I simply can't fit much else in after a day of class, grocery shopping, public transport, and parenting.

And so, the way that I interact with Scripture has been different than before, in a really sweet way.

Reading through Psalms has been life-giving, as well as Ruth Chou Simon's devotional books and She Reads Truth studies. Carefully curated Scripture reading with beautiful art and plenty of time to journal my prayers. My morning routine is more set-in-stone than it's been since Lucy was born (homeschool mom!), which has given me a structure to have more consistent time with the Lord. So much around me has changed, but my God has stayed the same!

Also, podcasts! I've been particularly enjoying Risen Motherhood's series on Prayer.

I sit on a train for about half an hour after class each day and I've come to treasure those moments for reading! I'm currently on my third complete read-through of the five-book series The Chronicles of the Kings by Lynn Austin. They're biblical historical fiction, telling the stories of King Ahaz, Hezekiah, and Manasseh - along with the prophets and enemies of the day. The first time I read through them (even though there are some artistic additions to the story) they gave me a framework for understanding the stories in the Old Testament. They helped me get an idea of the culture of the day and the daily workings of the Temple, for example.

Technology is amazing to allow me to still access resources like these from across the ocean, and for that I'm so thankful! The Lord has been so good to bring new things exactly when I need them. I pray that you're encouraged by one of these resources to grow and know our Lord better!

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