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Bonus Days

We’re still waiting, praying, and communicating with our supervisors and school in France. Though we don’t have a major update to share yet, we’re really enjoying our bonus days with friends and family in Virginia!

We’ve been able to celebrate birthdays and holidays...

Family Candlelight Dinner for Valentines Day 💕

Bonus! Double Date with precious friends! We’re making the most of our time 💞

All three of these guys were in the youth group when Jack was the youth pastor at our sending church in Virginia. Now, two of them are married to my sisters and we still love hanging out together! Relationships are so precious to us!

Both of my sisters have babies and live nearby right now - such a blessing!

The kids and I are really enjoying being able to finish our homeschool year together!

We’ve had some winter weather - enough to freeze parts of the underside of our camper, which has moved us into my parents’ house for a bit.

Lucy is really getting into cooking and baking!

Living in Virginia allows for some awesome field trips with the kids. Pictured here, a cannon at Manassas Battlefield...


Jack is taking another full semester of classes - working to complete his Masters of Linguistics, though the required classes for translation work overseas have already been completed. Our bonus semester in the US has allowed him to learn even more.. my guy can’t seem to stop going to school!

We’re sorting through our belongings and grouping them based on which continent we’ll need them on. France is currently on a new lockdown and everything feels just as up-in-the-air as it has since last fall. So, we would really appreciate your prayers.

Pray for our schedule, timeline, and practical planning - that God would open the doors that He wants us to walk through next. But even more than that, would you pray for our hearts?

I’m finding it increasingly challenging to orient my heart to think well as we wait. Our kids have been incredibly flexible and gracious in the transitions so far. Would you pray for wisdom as we make decisions and communicate those changes to our kids. Pray that God would teach us how to think.

God has been continually reminding me that He is in control. He sees what I don’t see and He knows what I don’t know. And I’m so thankful for that.

And, pray for the people we’ll eventually serve alongside overseas! I think of the national translators and directors that are waiting for help - pray that God would give them endurance and strength.

Thank you all for praying! We love you all! What a team!


And if you haven’t seen it yet... Jack’s podcast is up and running! Three episodes are up and it’s awesome!

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