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A Week in our Life

We’ve been told that our visa application has been passed along to the correct authorities and we’re waiting now to get approval. After that, we will have to mail our passports (YIKES) to the embassy to have that much-anticipated sticker stuck onto a page in each of our books.

Even so, we’re waiting with expectation! Jack is doing so well with his independent French study! We’re looking at tickets, putting dates on the calendar, and packing.

This week in particular, I packed our winter coats and gear into space bags. I sorted through our Christmas boxes and compiled our most special ornaments and decorations into the equivalent of two shoeboxes. The kids helped with this process to ensure that their very favorite Christmas memories will be traveling with us. We’re excited to observe and dive into how the culture around us celebrates holidays... and, of course, add our own “Campbell-flair” to our overseas Christmas traditions!

I sorted through every single article of clothing our family owns this week, and it feels good to have a preliminary sort (as Jack calls it) complete. Ha, we have more work to do!

(The most painful part of packing and sorting will be the books. I’m procrastinating on that.)


As we wait, we’re making the most of our time with family! Our Elias turned five on the 6th, and we celebrated at my sister and brother-in-law’s new townhouse - breaking in the back yard with squirt guns and water balloons! It’s crazy to me that we have no children under five anymore.

Our Birthday Crown is a treasured family tradition. It will travel with us!

All three of my siblings have bought homes and had babies in the past year, and I’m SO thankful that we’ve been able to be here for it. I don’t take those things for granted. I cried as I put one of my little nephews to bed last week when we were babysitting. I know our time together while he’s a baby is limited, but I’m so thankful for the opportunity to hold him while he falls asleep.


When I think of the word “wait”, I think of a song that my childhood worship pastor wrote that we sang as a congregation. The chorus goes like this...

Wait, though it may seem so long

In a season of waiting, I’m making you strong

So, wait. Do what you know to do

Then you will find that I’m using this time


We wait in hopeful expectation that God will open doors when they need to be opened. We’re doing what we know to do, and we know that God will use this time. We look back to His faithfulness to bring us to this point and are so encouraged by that as we look ahead.

We’re confident that this is where God wants us to be today. For that, we’re thankful!

This picture, taken on a family walk the other day, really encapsulates Elias’ personality these days!

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