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A Visit to Africa!

We get to visit Africa in August!

Here's the story:

We were invited to speak at pastor's conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at the end of August. We'll be going with a team through an organization called Be There Ministries that works primarily with kids and families on the streets of the city, but they've gathered together some pastors that desire some training and encouragement. I'll be a part of a team of men that will teach to about 100 pastors from the surrounding areas. We'll get to teach about the dangers of the prosperity gospel, the qualifications for true leaders, and some systematic theology. It's a lot, but we're excited for the challenge!

While we're there, we'll have some opportunities to meet some of the people and churches that Be There Ministries has been working with for a while. I'm excited to see the impact they are having in Addis Ababa!

Now, for those following along at home, you may have noticed that Ethiopia is not actually a French-speaking African country!

And this is correct.

But when we were invited to Ethiopia, we immediately began brainstorming ways that we could use the fact that were at least on the right continent to help figure out what our future might look like. Our assignment right now is just to some place in Francophone Africa. This is a HUGE area. But now we have a chance to visit a potential location in person. We can see what the translation work looks like on the ground and get to know some of the people that are actively working in the type of work we hope to be doing in just a couple short years.

So, after contacting the powers-that-be in Wycliffe West Africa and connecting with some teams on the ground, we got the green light to visit the work that is happening in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire!

The plan: we will spend 9-10 days in Ethiopia, working with a church on the ground there and speaking at the pastors' conference. After the team leaves for home, we will fly to Côte d'Ivoire for a couple days and learn as much as we can about the work being done there. Don't worry, we'll have a lot of pictures and stories to share with you all when we get back!

We're hoping our trip will accomplish two things. Primarily, we want to get a better handle on what translation looks like and learn as much as we can about the work we're getting into. Secondly, Côte d'Ivoire is a French-speaking country that is one of the many places we could be assigned. Visiting will give us an opportunity to see one of our options and help us as we work with our placement specialist to find the right fit for us.


So pray that this is a beneficial trip for us, in many ways.

Pray for safety as we travel a LOT for this trip.

Pray for Lindsay's parents (they'll have the kids while we're gone!)


If you want to keep up with us, here's where we're headed next:

We have 2 weeks of training in Florida...

Followed by a month of training in North Carolina...

Then we leave for Ethiopia mid-August.

We're looking forward to sharing with you all as we continue this journey!

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