• Lindsay

A visit from Grandparents!

We’re thrilled to have Jack’s parents here with us for Christmas! They had a (mostly) uneventful trip to Zurich and we took a day off of our classes to go meet them at the airport. We are SO THANKFUL for time with them!

In addition to some exploring in Switzerland, we’re also spending a few days in Paris with them. We love showing them a bit of our daily life and our new language skills!

We found this little staircase on a walk from our apartment - There is a vineyard on the other side!

Inside the courtyard of the Neuchâtel Castle

We took a funicular up above the clouds to see the Alps.

Grandpa had a birthday in Switzerland!


Games are a Campbell staple!

Swiss Raclette… sausage, potatoes, and melted cheese

We went all the way to the top!


A walk along the Seine River


The past few days have been so, so sweet and we’re looking forward to another week together!

When I think about how supportive, encouraging, and loving our parents are, it is overwhelming to me! The Lord has given us an incredible support system in them. I am so, so thankful for their love for the Lord, for their eternal perspective, for the way they model following Christ to our children. It’s just so incredible! Praise God for godly parents!

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