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A Step into the Unknown

It seems redundant to say that we are facing a lot of unknown right now. Of course we are! The whole world is!

But we wanted to share with you what we do know and what we’re doing in the meantime.

We are still on track to start language school in Massy, France just after the new year! Our plan is to arrive in France a few days before class starts to let us get our bearings and get settled before we jump right into things. Lindsay and I will both be attending French language school full-time, while our kids will be going to French public school. We expect the transition to be both thrilling and terrifying and we already asking for prayer that we can manage that transition as smoothly as possible.

So here’s where the questions come in. The visa process is all up in the air with the Covid pandemic still unresolved. We also face the potential of a 2-week quarantine when we arrive in country. In the end, these things may amount to nothing.

But here’s what God is teaching us in the meantime.

Psalm 119 says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Proverbs 3 says that if you trust in the Lord, he will make your paths straight. Ultimately, while we may be unsure of some things, we know that the end is in God’s hands. Whatever happens, his sovereignty is not put in question and we can still trust him.

Therefore, all we can do is take the steps we know to take right now. We walk forward with the plans that we have made, trusting that if God has other plans, they will be for our good. The day-to-day ends up looking pretty mundane, but we continue to move forward. Today we applied for the kids passports! With all the unknown, we do what we know to do. It’s a simple as that.

And it’s exciting! It’s getting so real! We’re ramping up our personal French study at home and making plans for what it will look like to move to France!

This week also marks the start of school for me. Classes start Wednesday for my final semester of linguistics training. Once this semester is done, I will have finished all the requirements for being a translator.

So, please be praying that France will give us a visa when the time comes. And be praying that my studies will go well this semester.

And pray that we will be faithful to be obedient in what we know to do and trust God for the big picture that we can’t see.

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